Chickens, Dandelions and Mud Puddles ♥

I am fairly new at being a grandma. My grandson, Jackson, is almost three years old and his sister Adeline is about 15 months old.

I was recently telling my husband that when my kids were little my mom was teaching them to blow bubbles into their milk through a straw. I could not believe that she would do such a thing, because when my sisters and I were young she would yell at us for blowing bubbles into our drinks. Why was it inappropriate behavior for us, yet she encouraged her grandkids to do this? I never understood until this past weekend while spending time at the farm with our grandkids I realized that I am the kind of grandma that my mom was.

It was a chilly spring day and our plan for their visit wasn’t necessarily to spend time outside at the farm. Tina had forgot to bring hats or boots for the kids, and while I didn’t have any extra footwear for them I grabbed a couple of extra hats to at least keep their heads and ears warm.

When we got to the farm the first thing Addy did was begin picking dandelions. This immediately won my heart. I am actually planning on picking dandelions soon since I’ll need some to make my Sweet Dandelion Soap. Having little helpers would be a dream come true.


Her mom was a little concerned about her pretty pink jacket get dirty,


but Addy was fascinated by the pretty yellow flowers,


until Ken broke out a bag of treats for the chickens. We know they are not the healthiest treats for our chickens but every once in a while we give them mini marshmallows. Chickens Love Marshmallows!


Since the kids couldn’t throw the marshmallows very far the whole flock surrounded them, hoping to be next to snatch up a treat.


Jackson and Addy had a blast feeding the chickens.

After a while we walked back near the barn. Addy continued to pick dandelions along the way. Ken led us across a grassy area to avoid walking though the mud puddles in the driveway. Nice try Ken –


but it didn’t take long for Jackson to discover the mud puddles. Before his parents could stop him he was stomping his feet in the water and laughing. As his parents tried to redirect him I said “let him play. When he gets back in the truck you can take his socks and shoes off and put a blanket over his feet,” and that is just what they did.


I’m not sure but I think Addy might have taken this flower with her. At least I hope she did.

It has occurred to me that as a young mother I would have been concerned about a muddy jacket and wet socks and shoes, even more so than Tina and Ken appeared to be.  Perhaps since then I have gained (grandmotherly) wisdom. They grow up way too quickly. Soon dandelions and mud puddles will be a thing of the past.

Life is too short not to pick dandelions and splash in mud puddles.

You should try it.



28 thoughts on “Chickens, Dandelions and Mud Puddles ♥

  1. What a wonderful day with the grandbabies! The pictures are lovely, and who cares about a little mud? It washes out! I had no idea that chickens liked marshmallows–I wonder how they feel about Peeps, lol!

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    1. They know a bag of marshmallows when they see it. We have had chickens get inside a fenced garden area and not be able to find their way out. We can always lure them out with marshmallows – it’s easier than trying to chase them. LOL. ☺

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  2. I really enjoyed this post! I had no idea that chickens loved marshmallows:) And yes, life is too short, so it’s absolutely necessary to splash in the puddles and get a little mud on pink jackets every once in a while:)

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  3. Awww so sweet, and although I don’t have children I’d have to agree to let them play and get muddy and enjoy it because we all grow up way too fast. And now you’ve roped Addy as a little worker bee to help you with your dandelion collection, win win 😉
    Caz xx

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    1. Personally I think splashing in mud puddles can be great fun – I usually don’t do it if I am going to have soggy feet for a long time but if I have my rubber boots on or if I am bare foot I’ll play. Part of me refuses to grow up or maybe it’s a second childhood. LOL!

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    1. I didn’t see any potentially harmful consequences. His shoes would dry and be fine. Washing clothes is something we and they do regularly. They benefits to letting the kids have some simple fun in nature just seemed to outweigh any potential consequences.
      I am not the grandma who will spoil grandkids rotten or loads them up with sweets and send them home for mom and dad to deal with.

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  4. I love this Ruth! My husband and I are exactly this kind of grandparents. We let our grandchildren play in the water tub under the gutter spout, splash in the puddles, feed the chickens and even gather the eggs. I purchased a couple miniature wire egg baskets a few years back. As the kids get older there are less broken eggs. Yes…life is too short to sweat the wet muddy clothes and busted eggs.
    Also I love that you use dandelions in your soap. I am currently drying nettle and a soap making friend of mine suggested using them in soap.

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    1. Thanks Faye. I never thought of using nettles for soap. I usually use them for tincture and tea and occasionally throw some into a pot of chicken soup. I am planning on trying some nettle kombucha also I think I might try dandelion kombucha. My nettle patch is not that big yet but each year a few more come up.

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      1. I have nettle coming up wild everywhere under our trees. I have a friend who lives on the other side of the state that I dry it for also. She is the one who also makes soap and suggested infusing the oil with it.

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      1. Innocent fun, yes, but dirty, too! Why on earth should I worry about your grandchildren’s dirty clothes? John does the laundry for us, and he would be glad to wash children’s clothes. I’m glad all of you had such a special time together. I am NOT going to think any more about puddled clothes.

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  5. This is such a heart warming post, Ruth!!! Thanks for the reminder that it’s ok to blow bubbles in the milk & get splash in the mud puddles 🙂 I feel that could be turned into a metaphor even as adults. Also, your family is beautiful. Your sweet grandkids are just toooo cute!!!!

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