A Beautiful Morning

I Plan on doing a farm update soon but since I have a busy day ahead I’ll just share some photo’s from this morning at the farm.

A Busy Momma

In the field to the east of us I spotted this momma deer with her young – TRIPLETS! It’s quite common for us to see momma’s with twins and we have seen triplets in the past but they are far less common.

The sky was just gorgeous as the sun came up this morning.

I wish you all a beautiful day!

35 thoughts on “A Beautiful Morning

    1. I think some of the colors we have been seeing in the sky have been a result of smoke from the western wildfires making it’s way here. We’re thankful too that the tornado didn’t stay on the ground long and thankfully where it did touch down there was only property damage. No one was injured.

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  1. I want to hum “Morning Has Broken” while seeing this post Ruth. The Momma deer with her fawns is a sweet photo to see before I head to bed after another Nervous Nellie evening with the rain. I know you appreciate rain, but I had five bouts of torrential downpours … if you got that too, I hope your crops are still salvagable.


    1. A fitting song indeed. πŸ™‚ We are less appreciative of the rain than we were a month ago. We had hoped to replant some things that didn’t make it but the ground has not dried out enough to do so. 😦 We had some nervous moments last night too. Armada, where the tornado touched down, is less than 15 miles to the west of us as the crow (tornado) flies. Had the tornado held together or strengthened we were, marginally, in it’s path. We did get torrential rains from the storm but the threat of tornado had diminished by the time the storm reached us.

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      1. A “like” that you escaped the tornado’s path, but can’t do a dislike for the sopping rain which has decimated your crops. I didn’t realize you were that close to Armada or I’d have been worrying about you. I just heard Mark Hackel on WWJ and he said Armada was hit the hardest of the four tornadoes … others not confirmed yet, but he believes Armada definitely a tornado. There were four houses with severe damage and large, established trees uprooted. We have rain the forecast a couple of times early in the week … guessing you will not plant again this year then? That’s a shame. I feel very blessed because by the time the extreme severe weather got to Wayne County, the tornado threat was gone. But the rain … five times it started and stopped, each time torrential and I was amazed how it just cut off and stopped, like someone turned off/on a faucet. No pitter patter or gradual ramping up of rain, just on/off … weather radio went on four times from 7:30 to 11:00-ish. I was nervous. I am ready for Fall and cooler weather to put an end to this volatile weather.


      2. I don’t think we would have been aware of what was going on if I hadn’t received an alert on my phone. After that I turned on channel 4 where they were tracking the storms. I did see pictures of the damage that was done in Armada and there is no doubt that it was a tornado. Thank God no one was injured. I wish I believed that fall would bring better things but so far nothing this year has been normal so I am just bracing for the unexpected.

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      3. Ruth – we learned to “go with the flow” in 2020 and I think that will be our mantra for 2022 as well. I heard today that Covid cases ramping up will make it bad by October. That and the volatile weather make 2021 a dud. I don’t have a smartphone or TV, but follow Paul Gross on Twitter. He is always telling people to download the weather app so I’m assuming that is what you were using to track the storm. Those large trees and roofs ripped off buildings in Armada … I feel for those people. They said the whole village of Armada had no power today.

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      4. I don’t have a smart phone but the notification of tornado warning came in on my flip phone. We do have tv with just an antennae so I turned on channel 4 and watched their storm coverage. I think those emergency alerts saved some people from injury or worse.

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      5. I have a flip phone – I didn’t know it worked on a flip phone. I remember you said you had the TV with an antennae. You’re right – the Home Depot had the roof torn off as did the Salvation Army. The photos were horrible weren’t they?


      6. That must be why Ruth … stronger signal with Verizon. I had to get a new flip phone recently as AT&T (where I buy my minutes to load since I rarely use the phone) is no longer using 3G phones. Ordered a phone from Amazon as they had none in the store a couple of times when I called. Got the phone activated but it’s got more bells and whistles than the last phone and I’ve not read the book yet. I have not connected to wireless (this time, nor the last time) and it keeps wanting me to update the software. I really need to learn how to use it. Just call me “Dinosaur”.

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      7. I got my new flip phone in December because verizon would no longer support my 3G phone. It’s horrible – I never get more than 2 bars and it drops calls all the time. I really resent being forced to buy a new phone especially one that is inferior to what I had.

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      8. I’m so with you on that Ruth! I had a 2G phone from 2002 until AT&T forced me to get a 3G phone. I just kept it for an emergency as I took the bus back/forth to work. I put in $100.00 a year to roll over my minutes, though I never use them. So, I loved that little phone and just charged it once a month. I called the landline to discharge the battery, then charged it – no problem. So, the 3G phone had a lousy battery life and I went to call myself and recharge the phone a few weeks after the initial charge – it was dead as a doornail and I had to buy a new phone as they did not sell batteries in the store, nor available online. I was told to drive somewhere, in Oakland County to see if they had a battery for the phone and would not call to verify it. I had to buy another phone which really made me mad. I don’t care for this phone – I carry my little point-and-shoot camera with me and don’t have internet or e-mail, etc. on the phone as I don’t want it … like you, I’m resentful and likely in a few years, they will want you to go to 5G. Sigh.

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      9. Yes, very scary Ruth. My weather alarm went off a few hours ago as to the flash flooding only – didn’t mention the severe storms … guess that is later. You stay safe too Ruth.

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      1. Not as much as you would expect, but there is a system that controls how much water there will be out there. Not sure how it all works. The man who developed it said there would never be more than a foot deep out there. The cranes really seem to enjoy my yard and spend alot of time eating bugs and worms .

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