Hi, I’m Ruth – I am the creator of Don’t Eat It! Soap and Skin Care Products. I’m not a sales person – I’m just a soap maker, and I’d like to tell you about my products. I’ll start by saying that I do formulate all of my own recipes. I enjoy the creative process and I tend to think that the soaps I make as a reflection of me. Here is how I describe my soaps –

Simple – I like to use common ingredients and I tend to keep the ingredients to a minimum. If you read the label (and you should) you will probably recognize most of the ingredients as things that you might have on hand in your own kitchen or growing in your garden. Indeed most of the ingredients I use are things that are found in my own kitchen or garden.

Practical – “If you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.” When I read this line it made so much sense – your skin is the largest organ of your body and anything that comes in contact with your skin has the potential to enter your body by being absorbed though you skin.  I’d like to challenge you to read the label on your soap, body wash, shampoo or other skin care products. Be aware that you might need a magnifying glass to do this. As you read the list tell me how many of the ingredients are you familiar with. Do you know what they are or what they do.  Are these things that you want inside your body?  If you would like to do some research on some ingredients this website might be a good place to start http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/top-tips-for-safer-products/  I have simply chosen to avoid potentially dangerous ingredients by making my own soap and skin care products.

Fun – Making the soap is fun – discovering and experimenting with new ingredients. Using the soap is fun – rich bubbly lather that feels good on your skin and rinses off well. The name is fun – keep reading to learn the story behind “Don’t Eat It!”

Affordable – As a basis for this I use my own opinion of what I would like to pay for a good bar of soap. To keep the price down I avoid using unnecessary, expensive ingredients. These include colorants and fragrances, including essential oils. Don’t get me wrong, I like essential oils. I just don’t think putting them in soap is practical. While essential oils are potent it still takes a lot of oil to make a bar of soap smell good. It varies depending on the type of oil, but using .5 ounce of essential oil per 1 pound of oils in the soap is about average. Even the cheapest essential oils cost around $6.00 for  a .5 ounce bottle and 1 pound of oils in a soap recipe will yield 4 or 5 nice size bars of soap. So adding essential oils (even cheap ones) will raise the cost of making a bar of soap over $1.00. I think that is a lot of money to be washing down the drain.

Can be used by the whole family (including the dog) – Everybody uses soap, mom, dad, kids, even the dog gets a bath now and then. One of my goals when making soap is to make a product that everyone can use. By leaving out colorants and fragrances I have reduced the risk of negative reactions whether it be a physical (allergic) reaction or someone being offended by the smell. I have also made products that are affordable enough for the whole family to use. I do not buy commercial skin care or hair care products. As long as I’ve known my husband I have never know him to use shampoo. He always washed his hair with whatever bar of soap he used on his body. After I began making soaps I decided to try his method. When I sampled each new batch of soap I would also wash my hair with it. Some I liked and some I did not. Eventually I decided to formulate a soap specific for washing hair. It produces rich bubbly lather that works nicely into the hair and it rinses out well. It does not strip the natural oils from the hair. If I use it everyday my hair does not dry out, but I can go 2 or even three days without actually washing my hair. After using this soap on my own hair for a while I figured it was ok to use on “The Boys” our dogs. We have stopped buying dog shampoo and use my soaps when bathing “The Boys” as well.

To learn how to purchase Don’t Eat It! Soap and Skin Care Products please visit my store .

The Name – Don’t Eat It! Soap

I find myself telling this story often as people are often curious about the name of my soap. It started one day when I was working in my kitchen, cutting a slab of soap into bars. My teenage daughter walked into the kitchen, she looked at what I was doing and said with a somewhat excited tone “Fudge?” I laughed as I replied “No, soap, Don’t Eat It!”. Not long after that incident my dad visited. I sent him home with a bag of groceries that included a couple bars of my homemade soap. Since I wasn’t selling the soap at the time, the bars were not package or labeled as soap. I had just put then in plastic sandwich baggies. I told him that I had put a couple bars of my homemade soap in the bag for him to try. Later that day he called me, “what is the stuff in those plastic bags?” he asked. When I told him it was soap he said, “Oh, I thought maybe it was cheese or fudge.” “No, dad,” I said, “Don’t Eat It!”.

The second reason Don’t Eat It is an appropriate name for these soaps is because almost all of the ingredients are or can be consumed as food or beverage. Once they are mixed with lye however they become soap, so there is your warning. Don’t Eat It!

In addition to making soap and skin care products my husband and I have a small farm where we grow a portion of our own food, raise chickens and bees. You can learn more about our adventures by reading and following my blog .

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  1. Years ago, we’d brought home some soap as a gift for friends. Unfortunately, we were dog-sitting and the dog ate it. We did manage to give them the wrapper, and the dog didn’t blog bubbles, although it was touch and go there for a while.

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  2. Hi Ruth – I saw this and wanted to send it to you. The photo that goes with it is a vintage black-and-white photo of a woman throwing seed to chickens at a small farmhouse. I thought this farmer’s wife’s logic was interesting so thought I’d share here – hope that is okay as it’s long:

    Wise Advice from a Farmer’s Wife

    Whenever you return a borrowed pie pan, make sure it’s got a warm pie in it.
    Invite lots of folks to supper. You can always add more water to the soup.
    There’s no such thing as woman’s work on a farm. There’s just work.
    Make home a happy place for the children. Everybody returns to their happy place.
    Always keep a small light on in the kitchen window at night.
    If your man gets his truck stuck in the field, don’t go in after him. Throw him a rope and pull him out with the tractor.
    Keep the kerosene lamp away from the the milk cow’s leg.
    It’s a whole lot easier to get breakfast from a chicken than a pig.
    Always pat the chickens when you take their eggs.
    It’s easy to clean an empty house, but hard to live in one.
    All children spill milk. Learn to smile and wipe it up.
    Homemade’s always better’n store bought.
    A tongue’s like a knife. The sharper it is the deeper it cuts.
    A good neighbor always knows when to visit and when to leave.
    A city dog wants to run out the door, but a country dog stays on the porch ’cause he’s not fenced-in.
    Always light birthday candles from the middle outward.
    Nothin’ gets the frustrations out better’n splittn’ wood.
    The longer dress hem, the more trusting the husband.
    Enjoy doing your children’s laundry. Some day they’ll be gone.
    You’ll never catch a runnin’ chicken but if you throw seed around the back door you’ll have a skillet full by supper.
    Biscuits brown better with a little butter brushed on ’em.
    Check your shoelaces before runnin’ to help somebody.
    Visit old people who can’t get out. Some day you’ll be one.
    The softer you talk, the closer folks’ll listen.
    The colder the outhouse, the warmer the bed.

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  3. My physicians always tell me if I cannot pronounce it do not eat it. I followed my nephrologists advice for a healthy renal diet and four years later my chronic kidney disease stage 2 reverted to no evidence of kidney disease. Praise God I was at the stage of reversal due to diet and staying hydrated.

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    1. It is truly a blessing to have such wise physicians. It seems rare that we find physicians that ant to get to the root of the problem and treat it naturally. Yes, praise God for your healing.


  4. Hi Ruth, Crystal here had to check out your blog. Thanks for following mine. I actually have another blog too. If it’s not to much to ask for you and everyone else to check it out and hopefully follow it. The site address is: http://crystalsphotobloggingsite.wordpress.com . Please don’t let the name fool you. The blog is about Animals, Blogging, Photos, Family, Poetry And Much, Much More. Hope everyone follows it. Thanks In Advance. Glad to meet another country girl.

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