Tracking the Stork

If a stork delivers human babies, could we deduce that a stork delivers baby chicks as well?

It was yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, March 21, when I received an email from Townline Hatchery where we had ordered our chicks. It looked like this:

Please allow 24 hours for most tracking updates.

I immediately clicked on the tracking # and learned that at 3:28 P.M. a shipping label had been created.

Since the hatchery is less than two-hour drive from our home, I assumed our bundle would arrive today, so I continued to check the USPS (United Stork Postal Service???) tracking number for updates. Here is the route and timeline the stork service took to deliver our bundle of 28 chicks.

3:56 P.M. accepted at USPS office in Zeeland, MI

5:11 P.M. arrived at USPS Regional facility in Grande Rapids, MI. Estimated delivery was before 9:00 P.M. on 3/23/23 *Note they are going in the wrong direction as Grand Rapids is to the west of Zeeland while we are to the east. Apparently, Storks don’t adhere to ‘as the crow flies”.

That was the last update before I went to bed last night.

When I got up, way too early, this morning there was another update.

3/22 12:20 A.M. arrived at USPS Regional facility in Pontiac, MI *at least they are now traveling in the right direction*


6:59 A.M. arrived at our local USPS office.

7:10 A.M. Out for delivery *This was a bit disturbing as it was my understanding that we would have to pick up our bundle at the local office. We didn’t want them riding around in the stork mobile for half the day when we could bring them home and assure that they were warm and well. I tried calling the office but only got a message that they were not open yet.”

8:39 A.M. My phone rang. A terse voice said, “you have chicks at the post office.” I asked if they could be picked up now and which door to go to, and my husband was on his way out the door as I hung up the phone.

9:00 A.M. my husband returned home with our bundle of peepers.

Awww! So cute and so many peep, peep, peeps… I noticed black spots on the heads of a few of them and was a bit concerned because buff orpington chicks, the breed we ordered, are solid yellow. I then realized that the three with black marks on their head were the roosters we ordered, and the hatchery had thoughtfully marked them so we could identify them.

For some reason I thought that we had only ordered 18 chicks (getting old or something). After we had them in their new home, I began trying to get a beak count (not easy as they were all moving around) and quickly realized that we had way more than 18. When I looked up my receipt from the hatchery, I discovered that we had ordered 28 chicks – 25 pullets (females) and 3 roosters.

Since they were continually moving around I didn’t a full count until I saw the picture below.

We got all 28 +1= 29! Feel free to count for yourself but I have counted them at least 6 times and keep counting 29.

Ranger was quite excited to see the babies. He has checked them out several times during the day. I wish you could see how fast his tail is wagging as he watches them. It’s so funny. He did bark at them a couple times which sent the whole flock into a tizzy, but he seems to have gotten over the need to do that. We are a bit surprised that Ruby has not paid them any attention as of yet. I guess she will just meet them when she is ready.

Thanks for visiting and happy spring!!

Egg Substitutes

There was a moment of hesitation when my husband asked if I would make devils food cupcakes for dessert on Saturday. Normally I am happy to make whatever he asks for, but when I saw that the cake mix called for three eggs, I had to check our egg supply. I found only four eggs in the refrigerator so I told him that I would make the cupcakes if the chickens gave us a couple more eggs that day. I didn’t want to sacrifice my breakfast eggs for cupcakes.

Since I really wanted to fulfill his request, I turned to the internet to see what I might be able to substitute for eggs in a cake recipe. I learned that there are many things that can be used in place of eggs in a cake recipe and with eggs prices as high as they are I thought some of you might find this information useful as well.

Since I still had homemade applesauce in our pantry from last year’s crop, I decided to use it in place of two of the eggs in the recipe – 1/4 cup for each egg.

These cupcakes came out super moist and delicious (sorry I didn’t take any pictures of them). I think I will make this a regular practice.

Have you ever used apple sauce in place of eggs?

February Sewing Projects

I know February is long gone but I thought I would take a few minutes to show you the sewing projects I completed during the month.

First up is the set of pillowcases I made for me and my husband.

Last fall, when shopping a Hobby Lobby, I came across this Amazing Grace fabric and thought it was beautiful. I had no idea what I would make with it but purchased two yards anyway. When one of my sisters mentioned making pillowcases I decided that would be the perfect project for this fabric. I set it aside until after all of my Christmas projects were finished and it wasn’t until February that I around to it.

I followed this tutorial and the pillowcases came out beautiful. They look professionally made.

I made myself another hoodie (I love wearing hoodies in the winter). I then made hoodies for the grandkids.

Addie’s hoodie (front)

Addie’s hoodie (back)

The tie-dye fabric that I used for my hoodie and Addie’s came already dyed. Although I have done some more tie dying I have not yet combined tie dyeing and sewing to create a project.

Jackson’s hoodie (front)

Jackson’s hoodie (back)

The characters on Jackson’s hoodie are from the Disney movie Luca. I have never seen the movie and was not familiar with the characters, but my sister offered me the fabric that she had left over from making hoodies for her grandson and great nephew. I checked with my daughter who said that Jackson had seen the movie and would probably like the characters on his shirt. It turned out really cute, so I hope he wears it often.

My last and most challenging project in February was the dress I made for Addie.

The gray fabric of the bodice and sleeves has Disney princesses, Ariel and Belle on it, and the top layer of the skirt has iridescent swans embedded in the tulle. I found this project challenging as it required a lot of gathering (sleeves and skirt) which I haven’t done before. Also, I was nervous about working with tulle for the first time. Thankfully it all came together nicely.

I mentioned earlier that I had done so more tie dying so I’ll show you those as well while you’re here.

The first two tie-dye projects were shirts that my sister asked me to dye for her. They were both light colored and she wanted to wear them for work. Since she works in a warehouse, and it can be a dirty job, she thought that the light-colored shirt would show the dirt too much. Adding the darker color would make any dirt less obvious. She asked for this blue marbled pattern and was pleased with the way they turned out.

For the other project I used a new (to me) method called ice dying. I first got the garment wet then bunched it together and placed it on a rack in the bathtub. (I had lined the bathtub with a large plastic bag because I didn’t want the dye to stain the tub.) I then covered the garment with a layer of ice cubes. Next, I sprinkled the powdered dye on the ice. I decided to do rainbow colors.

I then covered it with another plastic bag and let it sit until all of the ice was melted. (About 24 hours.) As the ice melted the dye dripped down into the fabric creating the shirt you see pictured below.

Ice Dye hoodie (front)

Ice Dye hoodie (back)

I like the really like the way it turned out. I think I will do this again in the future.

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More Fun

Today’s weather was a repeat of yesterday, but when my husband went to the farm with the kids dogs I stayed at the house to get some chores done. The sunshine was so inviting I slipped on my flip flops and stepped out on the deck to see if it was as warm as it looked. It was pleasant enough that I decided to finish clearing the snow from the deck, any excuse to spend a few minutes in the sunshine. As I moved the heavy, wet snow with the shovel it formed chunks, “packing snow” I thought, “great for making snowmen.”

I haven’t made a snowman in years decades, but I just couldn’t let this snow go to waste.

I piled the snow on the table in a snowman-like shape, but when I added the pebbles for the eyes and a nose I realized I created a snowdog.

When my husband got home I introduced him to our snowdog. Then he joined in the fun.

“I gave him a tail,” he announced. (No wonder he didn’t realize it was a dog.)

It’s said there is a first time for everything and whether that’s true or not, this is certainly the first time I have ever made a snowman or snowdog while wearing flip flops. LOL!

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When was the last time you made a snowman?

Fun In the Snow and Sun

In the aftermath of last night’s winter storm, that dumped between 6 and 8 inches of heavy, wet snow on us, the sun came out and temperatures warmed to around 40 degrees F. It was too nice to stay inside all day, so I ventured to the farm with my husband and the kids dogs for a little fun in the sun.

The chickens, who hate walking in snow, couldn’t resist being in the sunshine either.

They stayed mostly on the path that my husband shoveled for them.

and were happy to find some grass to peck in.

Ruby’s idea of fun is always playing ball,

and Ranger always has fun sniffing.

My fun was riding the 4 wheeler,

and taking some pictures of this glorious day.

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