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Our Watering Can(‘t)

Several days ago my husband discovered that the watering can that we leave on our deck, for watering our potted plants, was clogged up. No water would come out. As he removed the screw-on sprinkler head from the can to clear the blockage a small frog jumped out. The blockage was cleared.

This morning, as I began watering, the can was once again clogged up. Not wanting to be startled by a frog jumping out at me, I slowly removed the sprinkler head from the can. As I lifted the head off the can there was nothing there. I looked inside the sprinkler head and the holes were clear. I then glanced down at the watering can and spotted this little frog sticking its head out.

“Oh, it is you I said,” while the little critter just sat there apparently not wanting to be disturbed (again).

I picked the watering can thinking it might hop out but instead it backed down into the neck of the can refusing to be evicted.

While my husband and I have great respect for wildlife we were not about to turn this watering can into a frog condo. Good watering cans have become quite costly. So, when I called my husband to tell him of this dilemma, he began planning an alternative housing situation for froggy.

He cut a hole in the side of this ice cream bucket, then placed the rock inside. He found this piece of tree bark that the little guy could use as a ramp and then he put water in the bottom of the bucket.

Getting the frog out of the watering can proved to be a bit challenging, but after gently poking it out of the neck of the can with a stick, pouring all the water out of the can, and shaking it upside down quite a bit the frog finally dropped out of the can.

My husband the placed it in its new digs and put the lid on to provide shade. Froggy is still free to come and go through the hole (door) in the side.

I placed the new frog house in the flower bed amongst the potted plants where it will not get too much sun.

I think it would be a lovely place to live if I were a frog.

Additional Note: I refilled my watering can this evening and left it inside our mudroom so froggy can’t return to it.


Normally this time of year I would be putting strawberries in the freezer and making strawberry jam, but last fall we noticed that our strawberry plants had lost their vigor. We would need to start a new bed this spring. It was still winter when we placed our order for 75 strawberry crowns that would be delivered in late May. The plants arrived as scheduled and were planted in some of our raised beds. They are doing well but starting over means we will not have strawberries for our favorite jam this year.

After seeing how productive our cherry tree was this year (I had more than enough for a couple of pies) I decided it was time to try something new – cherry jam. While I was at it, I thought I would use up some of the blueberries I still had in the freezer from last year to make a batch of blueberry jam.

On Tuesday I made 3 pints of cherry jam and 3 pints of blueberry jam.

As we sampled them with breakfast this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder if strawberry is still out favorite jam.

Do you have a favorite jam?

June 2022 Garden Tour

These photos were taken about two weeks ago. I’m just now getting a chance to post them. The gardens have continued to flourish since. I hope you enjoy this garden tour. I will post another in July.

Potted Flowers

I’ll start out with a couple of flowers in pots that we started from seed.

Nasturtiums have begun to blossom. We have three window type boxes of these to adorn our deck.

Johnny Jump-ups (also known– as wild pansy) we have several pots of these in the garden beside our deck and alongside the front of our house.

Prayer Garden

Then we’ll move to the prayer garden where I spent a lot of time weeding in June.

The salvia blossoms are fading but it is not time to cut the spikes yet – the bees are still foraging these flowers.

Dianthus made a grand showing, but the blooms were mostly spent when I had my camera out. It’s time to get the clippers out and remove the dead blossoms.

I was late with getting picture of the chives as well. They too made a grand showing but were quickly going to seed. As I finished my weeding, I got out the clippers and cut the chives down before they could drop their seeds.

Chives are very prolific. It is my personal opinion that left to their own devises, chives could take over the world. I have learned that it is best to cut the flowers once the bees are finished foraging them but before they start dropping seeds. This way I keep them under control.

The creeping thyme is flowering, and the bees are enjoying it.

We have roses,


and more roses.

We also have primroses.

And these evening primrose that normally get eaten by deer (or perhaps rabbits) is flowering this year.

Shh! Don’t tell the critters. Maybe we’ll get to enjoy the flowers for a while.

Vegetable Gardens

Our vegetable gardens are doing really well thanks to my husband who has spent many hours planting, watering, weeding and mulching.

The raised beds gave us the ability to get some plants started early. Now that we have entered a dry spell they require a lot of watering.

We have small tomatoes on some of the plants.

and peppers and green beans are blossoming. It won’t be long now. 🙂

Our field crops are also doing well, except for the ones that the deer have eaten.

The straw mulch will help keep the weeds down and help the ground retain moisture,

We have very little rain in the forecast for the next week, so that mulch just may be a lifesaver.

Bonus Picture

You just never know what might pop up in the garden.

Thanks for visiting.

Are you enjoying summer so far?

Who’s Guarding the Cherries?

Last winter my husband bought this fake owl in hopes that it would deter starlings from seeking shelter in our chicken coop. It did not work. The starlings were persistent, and he thought the owl was a waste of money.

Two days ago, when I mentioned that the robins were stealing our cherries, he brought the owl home and staged it near the cherry tree. I’m happy to report the owl is now paying off.

What The Future Holds

I’m no psychic but –

I see cherry pie in our future.

Our one cherry tree is not at the farm but grows right next to our deck at the house. It is loaded with ripening cherries.

It’s been a couple of years since we have had a good cherry crop. Last year the blossoming tree faced several nights of freezing temperatures, then it fell prey to the gypsy moth caterpillars. Our crop was nil.

Our late warm up this year seems to be beneficial for this crop.

I suspect I will be making cherry pie next week. 🙂