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When Technology Fails

I updated my phonebook last week. Not the one that is stored in my phone. This phonebook is a small pocket-sized book that I bought many years ago to write down all the phone numbers of people I call regularly. I carried this book in my purse so that I would always have those numbers with me in case, for some reason, I was unable to access the numbers stored in my cell phone. Several months ago I bought a new, smaller, purse and when I transferred stuff from the old purse to the new purse I decided the phone book, that I had not used in over 10 years that I had been carrying it, was something I could do without.

A situation that arose last week made me aware of my error in thinking.

Here’s what happened. It was late morning when I ignored an incoming call because I didn’t recognize the phone number. It was over an hour later when I looked at my phone and discovered I had a voice mail. The message was from my daughter (#3). It went something like this – Mom, I’m at the airport waiting for my flight. I’m using the bartender’s phone because mine is not working. Could you try to call my phone. Also, I need you to get ahold of S (her boyfriend) and have him pick me up at the airport. You have my itinerary so can tell him what time and where to pick me up.

I tried calling her phone but my call went straight to voicemail. Then my phone rang. Caller I.D. showed the same unfamiliar number #3 had called from earlier.

When I answered my daughter asked if I had tried to call her phone. She explained that her phone had vibrated but when she answered it there was only dead air. She repeated her request that I contact S and ask him to pick her up when her flight got in since she wouldn’t have her phone to be able to call for an Uber or Lift ride. She was able to give me her flight information but what she couldn’t give me was S’s phone number. She did not have it memorized or written down.

A couple of years ago, when they first started dating, I had requested that she email me his name, address and phone number, as a safety precaution but I had never written it down or stored his number in my phone. I’m sure that info still resides amongst the many emails I have not deleted but tracking it down would take some time and effort. I asked if one of her sisters might have his phone number. She said that one of them might be able message him on Facebook.

When I hung up, I called daughter #2 and explained the situation. She wrote down the flight info and said she would try to reach S via Facebook. She called me back a few minutes later saying that she was able to reach him and gave him the information. I then called #3 back and told her that S would pick her up.

A few phone calls and a flight delay later #3 called me, from S’s phone, to let me know that he had picked her up and they were on their way home. I saved his number in my phone and added it to my (written) phonebook. #3 also agreed that she would make a list of important phone numbers to carry with her. Lesson learned.

Do you carry a list of important phone numbers?


When I learned of the opportunity to go visit my sister (K.C) and brother-in-law for a couple of days I knew it was something I couldn’t pass up. It was two years ago this month that they retired and moved to their home in Tennessee. Since then, I had seen them one time when they returned to Michigan for a visit. I had not yet been to visit them.

A few weeks ago, my other sister (#3) told me that she and her husband had decided to take a 4-day weekend and go to Tennessee for a visit. They invited me to go along. It would be a short visit because both the first day and the fourth day we would spend 11 hours in the vehicle traveling there and back. My husband would stay home with Ranger to care for the chickens and all of the garden plants.

It is truly a spectacular part of the country/world that they live in, but the best part was being able to spend this time with some of my favorite people.

I’ve decided to share some of my photos without narration – the beauty speaks for itself.

A Short Walk Before Breakfast

Mountain Tour in Off Road Vehicle

Elk River Falls

Thanks for visiting. Are you planning a vacation this year?

Meeting the New Neeeighbors

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that the guy who owns the property that adjoins our farm was putting in fence posts. I remembered when he first bought the land he mentioned having horses, so we thought he might be putting up a horse paddock. When my husband got a chance to talk to him, he learned we were correct. The horses, Colby Jack (the large one) and Bernard (the miniature horse) moved in last Sunday.

Ranger was very curious and spent a lot of time either trying to welcome them to the neighborhood or get them to leave. ( I still am not fluent in Beagle.) All I hear is BaRooo BaRooo.

The horses don’t pay much attention to him, but at least they haven’t tried to squash him to shut him up.

After talking with their owner, and getting permission, my husband bought some horse treats and began visiting them each day and giving them carrot and apple treats.

Friday, when our grandkids visited, was the perfect time for me to go over and meet Colby Jack and Bernard and take some pictures.

As we approached both horses came to the fence. They were very friendly.

They seemed to enjoy the attention

and the treats.

Jackson and Addy enjoyed meeting them as well.

These two are a nice addition to our neeeighborhood.

Saturday at the Farm

Saturday was a productive day. We accomplished several projects at the farm.

Blueberry Patch

We made great progress in the blueberry patch – a project that we had been working on for a few days. Our soil at the farm is mostly clay and despite working straw and other composted materials into it each year we have yet to turn it into an ideal garden loam. This year we decided to add some sand to the soil. A couple of weeks ago my husband had a truckload of masonry sand delivered.

We decided to use some of the sand in the blueberry patch for weed control. Two years ago we put black plastic down between the rows and bushes and while it was largely effective in keeping weeds down it tended to slide out of place or was easily moved by a hunting dog, (Ranger) who had picked up the scent of a mouse hiding under the plastic. (He is relentless.) Water also tended to pool on the plastic creating puddles that took a long time to dry up. After putting the plastic back in place we covered it with several inches of sand.

The blueberry patch project is not completely finished as we still need to put up the plastic fencing around it and the netting on top to protect our crop from hungry robins. We hopefully will get that done this week.


We put our first plants in the garden on Saturday.

My husband had identified an area that was dry enough to till the soil and that is where we decided to plant potatoes and cabbage – both cool weather crops.

He broke out the rototiller he bought a couple months ago. It is a Champion 19-inch, rear tine, tiller. After tilling up the patch where we would plant the potatoes and cabbage he reported that he is very pleased with the way this machine preforms. We spread a layer of sand on the patch. He then mixed it in as he tilled the area.

We planted six 17-foot rows of of potatoes.

and 12 cabbage plants.

I saved some of the cabbage plants to plant in the raised beds we are making. Since the ground is still very wet, and still having much rain in the forecast, I’m not sure how well things will do that are planted in the ground. You may remember last year we had many vegetables that were lost because the ground was just too wet. This year we will be making some raised beds and I hope to plant at least a portion of some crops in the raised beds that will be better able to drain excess water.

When the Hen’s Away

The chicks will play. The chicks still sleep in the nest boxes at night, while the older chickens sleep on the roosts. During the day while the older hens are out of the coop or using the nest boxes for laying their eggs, the chicks like to spend some time playing on the roosts. Perhaps they are practicing for when they too are old enough to sleep on the roosts at night.


From a distance to forsythias create a stunning array.

But standing in the midst of their intense brilliance is mesmerizing.

I forget to breathe.

If only my photos could capture that feeling.

Thanks for visiting.