What are you putting on your skin?

Seek Truth In All Things

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist, a dermatologist, an expert in nutrition or an expert in anything else for that matter. Mostly what I have learned has been through books, internet research (I concede this is not necessarily the most reliable resource), trial and error, and some of it is just common sense.

What you put on your body is probably as important as what you put in your body because many nutrients as well as toxins can be absorbed through the skin (to me this would be common sense).

Since many of us don’t even read the ingredients of the (packaged) food we eat, I have to ask, have you ever read the ingredients in the soap, shampoo, lotion, face cream or other skin care products you use? If you have succeeded at this than you are a better person than I, or at least you have better eyesight than I do. My attempts at  reading ingredients only serve to frustrate me because the printing is impossibly small and the words are usually things I have never heard of.

My answer to this has been to begin making my own skin care products. The ingredients are simple and while the term natural could be disputed, there are very few ingredients in my products that could not be eaten.

So continue following my posts and I will talk about some of the ingredients I use, why I use them, and what benefits they have for the user.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

2 thoughts on “What are you putting on your skin?

  1. I recently read some things on the benefits of both honey and cinnamon for the skin, due to their antibacterial and antioxidant properties. I’m curious on your thoughts and opinions about using these ingredients in your skincare products.

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    1. Kay, funny you ask about honey as we have just harvested some this week, and I will be doing a blog on beeswax next. In my opinion raw honey is as good as gold. It is wonderful for healing the body both inside and out. However, in adding it to my skin care products, I believe the heating process would greatly reduce if not completely destroy the healing properties of the honey. I think the best way to use honey for healing the skin would be to apply raw honey directly to the problem area rather that mixing it with other ingredients. I have not yet tried honey for healing the skin, but I would recommend putting a couple tablespoons in a separate container to use for acne, cuts or burns. Please let me know if you do this and the results.

      As for cinnamon, I really need to do some more research before commenting.

      That being said, cinnamon is one of the ingredients in my pumpkin spice soap, and I plan to make a batch of honey oatmeal soap in the near future. Keep in mind that when I make soap addition ingredients are added for fun. They may give the soap a different feel on the skin, a light scent, or add a different color to the soap. I believe that any antibacterial or antioxidant properties could be destroyed during the processing.


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