Summer Fun

Summer is so much fun and life is busy right now. There are many things going on that I want to blog about but will have to be written in the future. Things like getting ready to harvest about 3600 bulbs of garlic and our trial run with the old (possibly 1930 John Deere) potato digger that we hope to use to dig garlic with. Also our attempt at sun drying currants and making currant wine. I have several herbs that I have infused in oil or alcohol for adding to balms or making medicinal tinctures. I have also found mullein leaf and root beneficial when made into tea. We have harvested more honey and bees wax, and one of our hens hatched two chicks last week. (I’m not on twitter but I have two peeps) The good news is that I have purchased a camera and will be taking as many pictures as I can and add photos my posts whenever possible. So I will continue to post as often as I can, and I hope you will continue stopping buy from time to time to see what I’ve added. I will continue to check my email and comments daily so if you would like information about any of my products feel free to may contact me. I hope your summer is as fun as mine is.

Until Next Time 🙂

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