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Soap Ingredients
Soap Ingredients

Yesterday morning I made a batch of soap. I split the batch in half because I wanted to try something new. The first half  (16 bars) became coconut soap, which has been a popular soap with some customers. The second half I added dried clover blossoms to. My husband and I picked the mixture of red and white clover blossoms several weeks ago from our field, where the clover is abundant this year. I have used some of the blossoms to make an infused oil and I simply dried the rest. I really don’t know what clover blossoms might add to the soap, but after reading this article on WebMD it didn’t seem like it could be a bad thing.

If I like the results, and decide to make more, I will first make a clover tea to use as the liquid for making the soap.

Clover Soap, Coconut Soap 24 hours after being poured in the mold
Clover Soap, Coconut Soap 24 hours after being poured in the mold

These soaps will be tested and ready for purchase in about 6 weeks.

Oh, and did I tell you how much I like the “Spruce Me Up” soap? The creaminess and lather are superb and the ground pine needles add a little bit of roughness. I don’t really have a favorite soap but this one has to be near the top. 🙂

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