Angels Among Us

The past few days have been very prayer filled for me. Ever since I received the phone call from my dad saying that although he didn’t have too many details, there was something wrong with my brother-in-law, he was driving himself to the hospital, with my sister in the car, when he passed out, they had a minor fender-bender and the ambulance was on it’s way. Since we live a couple of hours away there was nothing we could do at this point except pray. I immediately began praying that God would take care of my brother-in-law and that He would give my sister the strength she needed to endure whatever was going on.

As more details about the incident have unfolded I have added prayers of thanks. I am thankful for all of the people who stopped the help. There was a person who called 911 and the shop owner who allowed my sister to make phone calls because her cell phone wasn’t working. There was an incredible lady who dropped everything she was doing, (I believe she was at work) drove my brother-in-laws car home, and went to the hospital with my sister, and stayed with her until family members got there. There was also a police officer who took money out of his pocket and gave it to my sister so that she would be able to get something to eat and drink as he new that she was going to have a long day ahead of her. While I don’t know their names and may never get the opportunity to thank them in person for stepping in to my shoes or the shoes of my sisters and other family members who would have done those things had we been there, I say a prayer of thanks to God that these people were there and ask that they be blessed many times over for their acts of kindness.

I’m sure, like me, many people question why my brother-in-law decided to drive himself to the hospital, and my sister even questions why they took that specific route, but knowing how things have worked out thus far. I am convinced that it was Gods hand guiding the way. Unlike in the story It’s A Wonderful Life, we won’t get to know what the outcome might have been if anything or anyone would have been different in this situation. So I am grateful for every person including the first responders and the medical team at the hospital, because although his condition is still critical, we are still praying for my brother-in-laws recovery.

Thank God for answered prayers.

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