TLP – The Most Important Ingredient

There is one ingredient that goes into everything that we produce from garlic to eggs, garden vegetables, filtered beeswax, soaps and balms. This most important ingredient is called TLP. Now a Google search to find out what TLP is might lead you to believe that it is some type of advance power management system, a company on the New York Stock Exchange, or even “troop leading procedures” used by the Army. No, the TLP I’m talking about is none of these, nor is it some new mulit-purpose, miracle chemical that has been developed to save the world, and, in fact, it does not even raise the price of our products.

However, if I were to market TLP I would advertise it as something that could improve relationships, build job performance, increase productivity, has the potential to improve health and oh, so much more. Unfortunately (for anyone wanting to sell it) TLP is not a product that can be bottled, and I don’t even think it is possible to develop an app for it. Fortunately, for anyone interested in using TLP, it is readily available and at no charge.

Now that I have sparked your curiosity I’ll explain, the TLP we use is Tender Love and Prayer. It is derived from loving what we are doing, giving it the proper attention to do the job right, and asking Gods blessing on our efforts. I ask a blessing for those who use our products as well.

I would encourage you to add TLP to what ever it is you have to do to day (and everyday) and see what kind of results you might get.

I would love to hear from you.

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