From Bare Feet To Snow Boots

As farmers, the weather effects pretty much everything we do, it is simply beyond our control, so we try to embrace it. We plan most of our activities, (garden work, bee hive checks, chicken coop cleaning, pond work, fence building, and the list goes on) around the weather forecast. Our indoor activities are also planned around the weather. House cleaning, or soap making, for example, might be done in the early hours, while it is still chilly outside, baking is rarely done is the summer, so as not to heat the house anymore than it already is, and shopping is probably going to be done on a day that is rainy or when the ground is still muddy from a previous rain.

It was less than three weeks ago that I posted about being bare foot on the beach because we were having record high temperatures, now with Saturday’s substantial snow fall we engaged in  a different form of recreation. One that has been absent from both of our lives for decades.

First snowfall of 2015.
First snowfall of 2015.
First snowfall of 2015
First snowfall of 2015

For many years my husband has wanted to buy a snowmobile, it just hasn’t seemed like a practical purchase. Until we purchased the farm in 2011 we had no place of our own to ride a snowmobile, and since then we have had other priorities. In early September, however, on a trip into town, he noticed this snowmobile for sale. When we stopped to look at it, I could tell it was exactly what he wanted. Even though I know little about snowmobiles, and other motorized equipment, I thought it was in good condition for being nearly 40 years old. It started right up and the engine sounded good to me. He, knowing more than me, agreed. It seemed much more practical now to use a snowmobile to make paths into the field, especially now that we have bee hives out there, and we might need to move the snow away from them. If the snow were to get deep enough that our vehicles couldn’t make it through the snowmobile would be a real blessing. The price was right. So I told him “Merry Christmas” and we bought it.

Since then my husband has be anxiously awaiting our first snow fall, and when the forecast came, several days in advance, he began making sure all systems were go.  Friday afternoon as the forecasters became more certain that we were going to get at least some measurable snow he began asking, like a little kid waiting for Santa, “is it snowing yet? is it snowing yet?” I told him he reminded me of Linus waiting for the great pumpkin. He threatened to take a thermos of coffee out to the field to wait for the “great snowflake(s)”. I thought that was fine for him, but I’m not Sally, and I would wait patiently (and sleep in my warm bed) until there was actually enough snow to play in.

By about 2:00 p.m. on Saturday there was about three inches of snow on the ground so we decided to ride. We took turns riding the machine around the field and through some of the paths on the farm, and while I don’t show my excitement like he does, I do enjoy riding. The snow continued through most of Saturday so by Sunday morning we had a whole fresh layer of snow to play in, and we did.

Sunday was truly a beautiful day to be outside. It was warm enough to be comfortable with just our standard winter garb, and I enjoyed  just being in the sunshine, and looking at the beauty of the sun making the snow and ice glisten as it hung on the trees and plants, as much as I enjoyed doing circles around the field and making paths in the snow on our new toy.

First snow 2015 November 23
First snow 2015 November 23
November 23, 2015

The beach, where I was bare foot just a few weeks ago, is now missing.

First snow 2015, November 23
First snow 2015, November 23

Scout and Trooper enjoyed being outside with us too.


Scout and Trooper playing in the snow
Scout and Trooper playing in the snow

This is how God decorates a Christmas Tree.

This is how God decorates a Christmas Tree
November 23,2015

Since the temperatures are forecast to be back in the 50’s by the end of this week, the beautiful snow will morph into a muddy mess, and the snowmobile will be stowed until we can use it again, I am grateful that we took this time out to have some fun.







3 thoughts on “From Bare Feet To Snow Boots

    1. I am sure you would love it Caz. 🙂 My husband is out playing on it now before the weather gets too cold. Tomorrow I think our high temp is supposed to be 0 F or -17 Celsius with wind chills of -30 F or -34 Celsius. I do like riding the snowmobiles when the temps are a bit warmer but I much prefer riding the 4 wheeler in the summer. 🙂


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