Why I Make and Use Balms

I guess I should define what I mean when I say balm, because the dictionary definitions that I read were very vague. When I say balm I mean a combination of oils, and/or butters, and/or wax used to sooth or moisturize the skin. It could also be called a salve. It differs from a cream or lotion in texture and in most cases ingredients.

The first thing I like about balms is that ingredients can be simple and all natural. I believe that often times less (ingredients) is better. Since oils and waxes are greatly shelf stable they do not require preservatives, unlike lotions where water or other liquid ingredients may introduce and/or allow for bacterial growth. While some oils may eventually get rancid, I have not experienced this. It seems to me that, since rancidity is caused by oxidation then mixing the oil with other substances like, beeswax or coconut oil, that contain antioxidants would counter act this.

I love that I can get a moisturizing effect without getting the burning feeling that I have gotten when applying various lotions and creams to my chapped hands. Applying the balm is soothing to the skin.

I love that I can use my balms without worrying that my nose will stuff up, or that I will begin sneezing from the fragrance.

While some people may prefer the creamy texture of a lotion, I prefer the feel of a balm on my skin. I believe the oily feel of the balm encourages me to rub or massage them into my skin, and massage is always a good thing. 🙂

Lastly, I love that my husband likes using them too.

If you have had problems finding a good cream or lotion for your face, hands, or any part of your body. You might want to check out my “Don’t Eat It!” Balms. https://donteatitsoap.com/store/ then send me an email at ruth20012001@yahoo.com and I will see how it would be best to get it to you.



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