New Soap

I made a new soap recipe this morning that I am pretty excited about. The oils in this recipe are sunflower oil, tallow and coconut oil. I have used this combination in the past and I know that it makes a hard bar of soap that is cleansing, conditioning, and has great lather. For this soap I decided to use a spearmint tea, made with our homegrown spearmint, for the liquid and added crushed spearmint leaves to the soap.

Spearmint Soap In The Molds 6 Hours After Being Made
Cocoa Soap Still Going Through The Gel Stage 48 Hours After Being Made

As you can see in the picture this soap sets up quickly compared to this cocoa soap which was made with coconut oil and olive oil, and was still going through the gel stage 48 hours after it was made. The spearmint soap has been in the mold less than 6 hours. Tomorrow I will take it out of the molds and cut it into bars. The individual bars will be test bars. In about 6 weeks, when the soap is ready to be tested, I will use one and give one to my husband. There are a couple more for family members who volunteer (KC?) or are recruited (JB?) to test and evaluate them, before I decide to sell them. It is my hope that a bit of the spearmint scent remains along with the refreshing feeling that spearmint gives. Our spearmint did, after all, make one heck of a nice spearmint vodka.



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