Advice From Dad – Everyone Needs One

“Everyone needs one” that was what my dad said after using a garlic peeler similar to the one pictured below.

Garlic Peeler

Because I find these garlic peelers to be such a handy kitchen tool, I had ordered some to have for sale along with our garlic this fall. Unfortunately my order did not arrive until after we sold our garlic. On Christmas day my husband suggested we give them to our guests, and everyone was happy to receive one.

Two days ago my dad called. He had tried his garlic peeler and was amazed at how well it worked. His words,”Everyone needs one,” echoed my thoughts, and in fact that is why I bought some to have available for sale. These simple little tools make peeling garlic so easy.

While this isn’t a sales pitch, I do have some available. If you realize that dad is right and you need one you can contact me at .





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