Rescuing the Brown Sugar

Last week I decided to make cookies, they were white chocolate chip, but that’s not really important for this post. When I took the bag of brown sugar out of the cupboard I remembered that the last time I made cookies (peanut butter 🙂 ), a few weeks ago, my bag of brown sugar was full of hard lumps. I did my best to break up the lumps, first with a spoon as I put it in the measuring cup, then with the mixer as I blended it with butter, sugar, egg and peanut butter. This was successful except for a few pebble-size lumps that remained after my cookie dough was completely mixed. I just picked those out and disposed of them before I baked the cookies.

I knew there was a way to make lumpy brown sugar soft again. I thought I remembered learning that if you put a slice of bread in the container with the brown sugar and seal the container the brown sugar would become soft again. What I couldn’t remember is when or where I learned this, but I decided to give it a try. I placed a soft slice of bread in the brown sugar bag. I then tied the bag and put it back in the cupboard, and I forgot about it until I decided to make cookies again.

To make a long story short, I’ll just say that when I opened the brown sugar bag the bread was very hard but the sugar was very soft. It had transformed from the hard clumps back to fine crystals. I was so glad that I remembered this simple tip, and I am happy to pass it on to you.

P.S. Watch for the long version of this story in a future post.







2 thoughts on “Rescuing the Brown Sugar

  1. This is something mom would do when we were growing up. We also had rice in the salt shaker ( I think that was to absorb moisture too) But how were the cookies ??


    1. I remember mom putting rice in the salt shaker to absorb moisture but didn’t remember her putting bread in the brown sugar. Maybe I didn’t make enough cookies back then. The cookies were a hit 🙂


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