Don’t Believe Everything You Read – “Happy Spring” Correction

Last night as I was falling to sleep, I began thinking about what day it was, then what we would do the rest of this week, then what we had done already this week. It was at that point I realized that I had made a major error in my last blog post. This is what I wrote.

“On Monday, the last day of winter, we spent much of the day cooking sap at the farm. This little guy (Squirrel!) spent the whole time in the poplar tree near by. I will be sharing more about this years maple syrup season in an upcoming post, but for now I wish you all a Happy Spring. 🙂 ”

The post should have read: “On Sunday, the last day of winter,”. I will be editing the post to read this way.

I’m not sure exactly what to think about this. Admittedly my blog is not read by thousands of people, but I am surprised that of those who did view this post that no one mentioned it. Perhaps viewers just glanced over the post and took away my main message, “Happy Spring” not even realizing there was an error; or maybe someone read this and thought, “what planet is this person living on?” but decide not to challenge or correct my statement; readers may have just decided to overlook my error feeling sympathetic to a person who gets their days confused; but the worse case scenario I could imagine is that a someone would have read this and went on to believe that Monday was the last day of winter.

While I can’t think of any case where my error could have a dramatic or detrimental effect on someone’s life, believing everything one reads certainly can. In this day and age when anyone can write anything and publish it on the internet where it has the potential of being viewed by millions of people, fake news is all the buzz, and scams are rampant, I encourage you to read carefully, think critically and know the source of information before you believe that what you read is true.

Again Happy Spring! 🙂


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