A Tribute to Mom

It’s been 4 years since she left and I miss her so much. Since then June 30th has always been a difficult day, as have Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Mothers Day. It’s also difficult when the kids (who are now all adults) do something exciting, and my first thought is, “I should call mom,” because even the little things that they did were exciting to her. Her grandkids were her greatest joy.  I am sure she is so proud of all of her grandkids and great grandkids.

As I  look around I don’t see anything that I own that mom actually bought for me, but the gifts she gave me are countless and more precious than anything money could buy. The afghan that she crocheted for me 25+ years ago hangs over the back of my recliner and on the chilly days when I nap in my recliner it warms and comforts me. I often use the potholders she crocheted when I pull something hot out of the oven. Some of the doilies that protect my oak furniture from scratches, and the blue and silver fun fur scarf that keeps me warm in the winter, are also among the tangible reminders of my mom. Better yet is the connection I have with my mom when I crochet. Mom taught me the basics of crochet many many years ago. I did not do a lot of crocheting while she was alive, but since her passing I have increased my skills and crochet quite often.

Cooking and canning are other skills that I learned from my mom. I don’t remember her ever giving me lessons with step by step instructions, I guess it was just by being there, and helping while she was doing it, that I learned. I, along with my husband and children, am grateful for this

I inherited her love for flowers and when I see violets, sunflowers, or trilliums I think of my mom. Mom left earth before getting to visit our farm, but two years ago when two sunflowers came up, side by side, in a highly unlikely place, near the front of our property, I was sure mom must have planted them to let me know she was there.

I am not sure why it is, but anytime I am up and out early enough to see the sunrise I feel her presence and I say “Good morning, Mom”. This usually makes for a great day.

Some of the other gifts I received from my mom are the abilities to love deeply and to take care of other people. I have her calm and gentle nature, her strength to endure hard times, her ability to “make do” with what she had, and her love for family and food.

I am not the only one who has reaped these benefits, as I have three sister who each received their own similar set of gifts from mom. They, my sisters, are probably the greatest gift that she gave me.

I was blessed by her physical presence for 46 years of my life, but even in her death I continue to be blessed through the gifts she gave me. Although it will again be a difficult June 30, I will honor My Mom by using the gifts she gave me.

Thanks Mom. I Love You!

((Hugs)) To My Sisters, My Dad, and Everyone Else who is missing Mom today.

15 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mom

  1. That was a beautiful tribute to your mom Ruth. Sometimes the everlasting gifts of the heart and her giving nature and patience is better than any other gift your mom would have bought for you and something to treasure forever.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute. As I read along, I thought of how similar you are to your mom (with the crocheting and cooking, etc.). I particularly liked the part when you mention your sisters as the best gifts from your mom.


  3. I love how you say, “As I look around I don’t see anything that I own that mom actually bought for me…” I’m the same way, but everything we learned just by watching her? Priceless. ❤

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  4. Reblogged this on Don't Eat It! Soap and Skin Care and commented:

    Since my Mom passed away in 2011 Mother’s Day has become a bitter sweet holiday. It is nice to be celebrated as a mom but still hard not to be able to celebrate with my own mother. The post that I am sharing today was originally written on June 30, 2015 when my blog was in it’s infancy and I had very few followers. It is “A Tribute to Mom”.


  5. Lovely post! My mum crocheted my mother-in-law a lovely blanket in colours I chose because I liked them, but when she died my sister-in-law claimed it as it was her mother’s! We do have other examples of my mum’s handiwork, so I let my sister-in-law take it. I wrote a post about my dad around his birthday this year, he’s been gone 12 years now. I find it’s quite bittersweet reminiscing sometimes, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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    1. Thank you. I think that handcrafted items make wonderful family heirlooms. When my granddaughter was born last November I gave my daughter a dress that my grandmother had crocheted for one of my daughters. Last weekend my daughter showed me a photo of Addie wearing that dress. I was happy to see that she wore it at least once. When she is older we can tell her that it was made by her great-great grandmother.
      Reminiscing is bittersweet but I am thankful for the precious memories.

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