A Tribute to Mom

Since my Mom passed away in 2011 Mother’s Day has become a bitter sweet holiday. It is nice to be celebrated as a mom but still hard not to be able to celebrate with my own mother. The post that I am sharing today was originally written on June 30, 2015 when my blog was in it’s infancy and I had very few followers. It is “A Tribute to Mom”.

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It’s been 4 years since she left and I miss her so much. Since then June 30th has always been a difficult day, as have Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Mothers Day. It’s also difficult when the kids (who are now all adults) do something exciting, and my first thought is, “I should call mom,” because even the little things that they did were exciting to her. Her grandkids were her greatest joy.  I am sure she is so proud of all of her grandkids and great grandkids.

As I  look around I don’t see anything that I own that mom actually bought for me, but the gifts she gave me are countless and more precious than anything money could buy. The afghan that she crocheted for me 25+ years ago hangs over the back of my recliner and on the chilly days when I nap in my recliner it warms and comforts me. I often use the potholders she crocheted when I pull…

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9 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mom

  1. I enjoyed reading about your Mom and what impact she has made on your life Ruth. It is sad for us on Mother’s Day because the women who carried us and nurtured us are no longer here … I like to think both of them are here in spirit.

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  2. You are a gift and I am sure she is so very proud of you and all you do. I have a vase and a sand picture that were brought back from the Arizona roadtrip. They are very special but not neatly the treasure that the hand crafted things are. I remember when I fell in love with her crocheted barbie dresses. She had sent one to a fundraiser auction. She was thrilled when the bidding went way higher than she expected. I never told her that I won that auction and that doll is packed away with some very fond memories. Maybe she knew because after that she crocheted some beautiful barbie dresses just for me. Hugs, hugs, hugs 🤗

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    1. All I have from the Arizona road trip are memories (I may have some pictures some where) but they are very fond memories. I’d love to see that Barbie dress sometime if you ever get it out. She did such beautiful work. Thanks for all the hugs. You know when you give a hug you get a hug so backatcha’. 💞


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