Animal Testing

I notice that many skin care product companies give statements about animal testing, so I thought that I would add mine. Several varieties of my soap have been tested on my dogs, Scout and Trooper, but never before they have been tested on my husband. But in all seriousness, my husband and I are always the first ones to try any new batch of the soap, and probably one or two other family members sample them before I sell any. I do like using them on my dogs; I have found when bathing Scout and Trooper with a bar of my homemade soap that it is easy to work into their hair/fur because it lathers so nicely, rubbing a bar of soap on them makes it easier to control the amount of soap applied to any given area, and this soap rinses out of their hair/fur much easier than any dog shampoo that I have ever used. These truly are family friendly products

1 thought on “Animal Testing

  1. If any of you know my you know my dog Cheech is very difficult to bathe. He has the coat of a bear and he is almost the size of one. However Ruth’s soaps work the best on him of anything I have tried. They lather well and the best part they rinse out cleanly. ( he can be prone to hot spots so it is important to not leave any dosp residue on him)

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