New Products

I added my Soap and Shampoo Bar to the Store, it is now available for purchase.

In December of 2013 I began using my homemade soap as a shampoo bar, and for the past 18+ months my husband and I have only used my soap for hair care as well as bathing. For the most part I was happy with the results, although some soaps worked better as shampoo than others. Some of my family members also tried using the soap as shampoo with mixed results, some people loved it and it did not work as well for others. I have now formulated a bar of soap that is especially for hair although it can be used to clean the body as well. After having positive feedback from everyone who tested the first batch for me, I made the addition of marshmallow root to the second batch I made. I like this even better and now have this for sale.

You can check out my store for a full description and email me at if you are interested in purchasing it.

Spruce Me Up Soap This soap is made using a coconut oil/olive oil base and has ground spruce needles added to it. It is just now ready for testing, and I should be adding it to my store by next week.

Breakfast Bar Soap This soap is also made with one of my base recipes but has honey, oatmeal and cinnamon added. I made this soap last week so it will be ready in about 5 weeks. (Remember: Don’t Eat It!)

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