Blue Moon


Well did it happen? You know, that thing that rarely happens. You know, you’ve probably said it… “once in a blue moon,” or maybe, ” once in a full blue moon,” which is actually redundant, since the definition of a blue moon is the second full moon occurring in a month.    Last night, July 31, 2015 was the infamous blue moon.

I have used this phrase at least a dozen times in my lifetime, usually to mean “that’s not gonna happen”. I never realized that I was actually saying, “once every 2-3 years”. That does not seem very rare. I mean, that is every two and a half years on average. So at my age I’ve lived through 20 of these according to this website.

During the blue moon, the moon is not really blue in color. From what I understand a moon that appears blue would indicate that there was a major fire, volcanic eruption, or something else, that was sending particles into the atmosphere that were blocking out the true color of the moon. Even though it was not blue, and not necessarily rare, it was certainly beautiful. We watched as it began to come up in the east, appearing as a big orange ball, through the trees around dusk. We continued to watch, as we sat by the camp fire and enjoyed the beautiful, peaceful summer night. As it rose high, in the night sky, it became yellow and bright enough that, although the only other light we had was the fire light, we did not need a flash light to see our way around.

I did not note any other rare (every 30 months) occurrences last night, so maybe I’ve been more correct when I say “every other blue moon”, but I think from now on when I’m talking about something that is not likely to happen, I will say “on the 12th of never”.

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