Thank You

We have been setting up the farm wagon at the farm (8650 Crawford Road) everyday this week since the weather has been nice. We are selling soap and skin care products, honey, garlic, pumpkins and other vegetables. We are not always there to tend the wagon, as there is a lot of work that still needs to be done on the farm and around the house, so we use an honor system with prices marked on items and a money can for people to pay for items. I am happy to say that this is working out well. The people who are making purchases are indeed honorable, placing their money in the can. One morning when we arrived to set up the stand my husband found $2.00 tucked under a pumpkin. Apparently, someone stopped to purchase a pumpkin or two (which we had left out overnight) before we arrived to set up. The money can was not out yet, so this honest person left the money for us to find.

We have met only a few of our customers, but they are very encouraging, saying that they like what we are doing. Some have become repeat customers after only a few weeks. Yesterday we were closing up the stand, and as I looked in the money can I found a small piece of paper, it said “Awesome stuff, so glad I stopped!”  I just wanted to say “thank you” and that we think that you (our customers) are awesome and we are also glad you stopped.

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