Key Chain Lip Balm Holders

Styles Currently Available

If you are a lip balm user who has never had to search for your lip balm when you needed it, then you are of a rare breed indeed. Usually the lip balm has fallen to the bottom of the purse or backpack and is buried under God knows what, or it has gone through the washer and perhaps even made a mess of the entire load of laundry while tumbling around the dryer, because it was left in a pocket. Oops!

These keychain lip balm holders are one of the handiest things I sell, and while I would like to take the credit when you say “wow, that really is a great idea,” the truth is I am neither the master mind nor the master crafter of these. All credit goes to my clever and crafty sister Kathy. I can however testify to the value of them, because I have been using them since she started making them. I have two attached to the handle of my purse one which contains my lip balm and the other contains my bug bite balm. Now I always know where to find my balms.

The photo above shows the styles I currently have available (click on the picture to enlarge it). Check out my store to see the varieties of lip balms that I have available.

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