Another Garlic Update

Since it rained on Friday, the only work we did on garlic was separating the bulbs of S&H Silver into individual cloves. This is the variety that we will plant the most of, so there were about 16 lbs. of these to take apart. Again, a lot of work. Saturday was a beautiful fall day, we started planting in the late morning and planted about a row and a half, first a few hundred Spanish Roja then S&H Silver, before we decided to break for lunch. With the added moisture in the soil from Friday’s rain, the planting seemed easier.

We decided to take advantage of this glorious weather and work some more after lunch. So taking frequent breaks for stretching, to prevent our muscles from stiffening up on us, we planted the rest of the S& H Silver and worked until near dark. At the end of the night we had approximately 3600 garlic cloves planted and mulched, and we could still move. We thanked God for the great weather and how well the planting was going, and we asked His blessings on our efforts.

I thought we might take a break from planting today, but being another beautiful day and since our bodies were not in too much pain, we decided to get started on planting the Chesnok  Red. Again we took frequent breaks from the planting (on our hands and knees) to get up and walk around and stretch. That is one of the advantages of working for yourself. We planted somewhere in the area of 1200 Chesnok Red and called it a night with only a couple hundred left to plant.

Several times during this process my husband has reiterated, “this is a lot of work” and “nobody in their right mind would be a garlic farmer,” so be warned, if you ever meet a garlic farmer, (I guess this includes me) they might be a little crazy. These statements also made me realize that I have three things going for me. First of all, my husband loves me very much and therefore is willing to participate in my crazy (garlic farming) idea, secondly, my husband is not afraid of hard work, and lastly my husband was born with garlic in his veins.

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