WOO HOO! The 2016 Garlic Crop Is Planted

The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, the ground was dry, our minds were set on getting the rest of the garlic planted, and thank God our bodies did not object. Monday morning turned out to be the perfect time to get the rest of the garlic in the ground. Oh how happy we are to have this done, and how thankful we are that the weather has been so perfect for this task. Last year we learned how difficult this job can be when the ground has excessive amounts of moisture (can you say mud), and in past years we have learned how physically challenging it can be to our bodies (both now in their 6th decade) when we were working under the gun (marathon planting) because my of husbands limited time at home. So, with 5000+ cloves in the ground, I say WOO HOO! and Thank God! the garlic is in, and now we can move on to other tasks.

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