Another Thing To Do With Pumpkins

Probably the most common thing people do with pumpkins is make jack-o-lanterns, and we are no exception. Our Halloween celebrations have changed over the years, from going to the orchard to pick pumpkins out of the field, and dressing the kids in the costumes of their choice for trick-or-treat, and passing out candy to a hundred+ kids in our community, sometimes even in costume ourselves, and one time even making a haunted deck; to the kids now being grown and moved away. There are very few trick-or-treaters in our community now, so we don’t buy several big bags of candy to pass out, and we didn’t make the expensive journey to the pumpkin field at the orchard. We did however carve jack-o-lanterns.

Our pumpkin field produced a few nice jack-o-lantern pumpkins this year so we selected a couple that we wanted to save the seeds from. Last night my husband and I carved our pumpkins.


My husband set things up in the living room. Set up also included a fire burning in the fireplace, a Carpenters CD playing, and he with a whisky and water and me with a limon’ and coke. I do believe this is the first time we ever carved pumpkins in the living room – my how things change when the kids are grown.


Scout got curious and decided to join us. Trooper decided to stay elsewhere, as he does not like the cracking sounds the fire makes.


My husband decided Scout should have some treats.


The trick was how fast Scout could eat them.


I thought our jack-o-lanterns turned out cute. Mine of course was the female looking one, while his was the masculine one. We didn’t plan it, but I though it was cool the way they appear to be looking at each other.


We decided that they should have a toast.


Then we turned off the lights and let them do their thing.

A fun night it was. They are lighting the living room again this evening and will probably remain there until Halloween.

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