The Missing Pictures

You may have noticed that my recent blog posts have been missing pictures, especially the series on garlic planting. The truth is that my camera was missing. For several weeks I could not find it. I looked over and over, in all of the obvious places and then in the not so obvious places. I looked everywhere, but I could not find it. Finally my husband decided that we would buy me a new one. Our plan for last Wednesday was a date night, shopping for a few items that we needed, including a camera, then dinner at our favorite restaurant, Carrabba’s.

Wednesday morning, as I was dreading shopping for a new camera, (I hate shopping, especially for technology type things) I realized that I was missing something else, my crochet bag. It is a burlap bag that I keep my crochet project in. I remembered the last time I took it somewhere, and it was around the same time that I remembered seeing my camera last. Well hmmm, where-oh-where could it be. I was no longer searching for the camera, but now I was searching all the obvious places and then the not so obvious places for my crochet bag. Ah Ha! there it was, tucked away, in a not so obvious place – a corner of a shelf behind soap making stuff, and yes my elusive camera was in the bag.

As grateful as I was for the finding it, and for the timing of the find, I could not help but analyze how these things became missing. My first thought was, “who put that bag there, I would not have put it there.” After thinking about it for a while, here is what I believe happened. I took my crocheting with me one day while I was tending our farm wagon, so I would have something to work in between serving customers. Upon returning home, I grabbed the bag to carry it in the house, without thinking about it, I put my camera, that also needed to be carried in the house, in the crochet bag to make things easier. When I got in the house I dropped the bag in a corner in the living room, to be dealt with later, and I went on to do other things.

A few days later, I believe my husband was vacuuming the living room, I remember him picking up the bag and saying, “Oh, that’s your crocheting,” I think he put it back where it was. At this point, I think, I decided to get the bag out of his way, so I picked it up and instead of putting it in it’s normal place, which is next to my recliner in the living room, because it would still be in his way as he vacuumed, I mindlessly tucked it in an out of the way spot.

Fortunately this was just a little incident, and it worked out well without me even spending more money on a camera, but it has made me think about how often we get busy and just do things without thinking about our actions, we forget where we put things, we lock our keys in the house or the car, we leave our head lights on and run our batteries down, and while these examples may be frustrating and time consuming, they have little other consequence. However it is this same mindless action that could cause someone to leave something on the stove and cause the house to burn down, or leave a child closed inside a hot car with potentially deadly consequences. The act of rushing through things, of not paying attention to what I am doing could have serious consequence. So, I have decided it is time to slow down, to act intentionally, and to pay attention to what I am doing. To quote my husband, “take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves.”

Although I don’t have any photo’s of the actual planting these photos might give you an idea of what we did.

The 2015-2016 garlic field planted and mulched.
The 2015-2016 garlic field planted and mulched.

This is the area where we planted around 5000 garlic cloves. It may not look very big for that much garlic, but I have read that one acre can grow 30,000 to 40,000.

The lattice grid that we use for panting garlic 4 rows at a time.
The lattice grid that we use for panting garlic 4 rows at a time.

This piece of lattice is what we put down on the ground, as our grid, we plant only in the rows that have 4 spaces across. With my husband on one side and me on the other we each do the two rows closest to us. Then we move this piece of lattice to the next part of the row and do it all over again. Each time we complete one lattice (grid) we have put in 64 cloves.

Our garlic plating tools.
Our garlic plating tools.

The sticks in the above photo are what we use to poke holes in the ground, through the lattice, to put the cloves in. My husband cut these for us last year when the soil was wet and clumpy. They make a hole that is just the right size and depth for planting the garlic clove. When they are not being used for planting garlic, they are at home, on display, in our living room, so we know where to find them next year.

The back field is mowed.
The back field is mowed.

This is the back field that I spent about a total of 4 hours, over a two day period, cutting with the tractor and brush hog.

Until next time 🙂

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