A Gift For The Giver

Tis’ the night before Christmas, and if you believe, it is certain for your caller, some treats you will leave.

Now cookies and milk are a fine gift for sure, but doesn’t this person deserve a little bit more.

Perhaps covered in ashes as the story is told, or simply worn out from shopping out in the cold.

T’was a labor of love, undertook just for you. You want to say thank you from deep, down, it’s true.

But what could this giver and hard worker need, a gift that is thoughtful and useful indeed.

This persons been planning so long for this night, with shopping and wrapping, or making the flight.

Now the work is all done and the mission complete, this person is exhausted from head down to feet.

Your goodies have fed him and the milk quenched the thirst, so sleep is what’s calling, but a shower comes first.

A nice bar of soap to clean and to scrub, will make your friend happy in the shower or tub.

It’s labeled “Don’t Eat It” so he won’t get confused, between what is the soap and what is the food.

The lather is soothing and it won’t dry the skin, unlike store bought soap it has glycerin.

Now to order this soap and have it in time, just visit my store and drop me a line. ruth20012001@yahoo.com

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