Memorable Entertainment

Recently my husband and I have been watching episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies on ME (Memorable Entertainment) TV as we enjoy our breakfast in the morning. I guess you can say we like a “heapin’ helpin’ of their hospitality” with our breakfast.

On one episode, earlier this week, Ellie Mae was carrying a tray of Grannies homemade lye soap, as one of them there city fellows arrived to invite her to a party. He looked at the soap and asked if it was homemade. When she replied that it sure was. He asked if he could have a piece, she said “sure” and he took one from the tray. After they finished their conversation, and she walked away, he bit into the soap and with a strange look on his face said, “she sure make terrible fudge”. As you can imagine my husband and I got a big kick out of this. Suffice it to say that this is a scene I will remember.


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