Crochet Projects

This past year I have completed several crochet projects, and I thought I would share the highlights. Since I found all of the patterns online I have posted the link for the pattern along with my finished results.

I was attracted to this first project because it is also call an Apiary Puff Blanket or a Beekeepers Quilt.

This was definitely the most time consuming project that I did this year, first crocheting 108 small hexagons then stuffing them and sewing the two sides together, finally sewing the stuffed hexagons together into a quilt and adding a boarder. Fortunately I started this project in January when the weather was keeping me indoors a lot. I had it finished sometime in March and presented it to my “mommy-to-be” daughter. I told her this was to keep my “Little B(ee)” warm. “Little B” has since become my nickname for my grandson Jackson.

Since the quilt was too heavy to cover or wrap an infant in, I also decided to make this hooded baby blanket.

I not sure why I don’t have a picture of this blanket when it was finished. I did love the crochet pattern of the blanket but could not get the hood part to fit, so I left it off and made a matching hat instead.

Again inspired my Little B, and knowing he would be coming home from the hospital when the weather was cool, I decided to try my hand at crocheting a sweater.

I did change the edging on this pattern because I thought the pattern, as written, was a little to girlish.


Since I still had a lot of stuffing left over after stuffing the hexpuff blanket, I decided to try stuffed animals. This bear is the result of my first attempt. He was also gifted to Little B.


A few weeks ago my sister emailed me this link and asked how hard it would be, so I did a sample.!/2009/04/abstract-crochet-cats.html

It is not real difficult, but I think I might need to use a bigger hook so the cat pattern shows better.


Lastly, I was going through some of the patterns I had, and I came across this scarf. My sister has given me this pattern over a year ago, and I had began making one. When it wasn’t coming out right I put it down and went on to other projects.

I decided to attempt it again, and this time the I am very pleased with the results.


As the daylight hours grow shorter and the weather grows colder I’m sure I will be spending more time crocheting. Hmm… what will my next project be?


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