My New Endeavor

Well did you take a guess?


Were you right?


Learning to spin is something I’ve been thinking about doing for several years. Shortly before Christmas when I began looking at spinning wheels my husband said “go for it”. He told me to find what I wanted and we would buy it.

I passed on what I thought was a good deal for a used wheel on Etsy, mostly because we like shopping local and supporting small businesses when possible.

I learned that a spinning and weaving shop in our area was having a big New Years Day sale so my husband and I decided to check it out. We looked at several previously owned wheels before discovering this beautiful new wheel that was marked down nearly 50%. Both Joan who owns the shop, and Cherie (sorry if I spelled it wrong) who teaches spinning classes, were very helpful and informative. I decided at this point to learn what I can on my own, but I might take some classes in the future.

I expect this to be a challenge for me since it requires my foot to do one thing while my hands are doing something completely different. I think it will be slow going because I am not really a coordinated person; I’m horrible at dancing and at any type of sports, and I never learned to play a musical instrument. I did learn to crochet, although I learned that at a much younger age, and I have gotten pretty good at using the tractor to move dirt with the bucket, so there is hope. I have read that it is a matter of developing the “muscle memory”  so what I need to do is practice and eventually it will click.

I’ll be sure to let you know when it does.


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