When The Power Was Out

Our weather today was reminiscent of this day last March when our power went out. As I read though this post of our experience last year I did a mental checklist. I identified the one area that I needed to address as consolidating the food in our freezers and making ice blocks to fill in the empty spaces. Other than that if the power were to go out I think we would be set for awhile. How about you? Are you prepared for a extended power outage?

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This post is quite lengthy but it won’t take you nearly as long to read is as it took us to live it. I decided to give a lot of detail in hopes that readers may learn a little something from our experience. I do hope you will take some time to read this.

An unprecedented weather event blew through our area last week. I am hesitant to call it a storm lest you get the wrong impression. The sky remained mostly sunny throughout the day and no snow or rain fell. This was a pure wind storm; tropical storm force winds was how it was described in news reports. The following links tell parts of the story, but there are two things that added to the severity of the damage that are not necessarily emphasized in these articles. The first one is the duration of the storm, while we did not wake up to high…

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2 thoughts on “When The Power Was Out

  1. I think the freezer would be my main concern. Apart from that, living in a small house does have its pros. We have a wood burning stove to cuddle up in front of, and we’ll be wearing all our ski gear and Dom’s mountain gear – his down suit is warmer than our duvet!

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    1. Thankfully we had the use of the generator but our backup plan without it would probably be – if temperatures were below freezing outside, move frozen food to coolers or boxes outside. If temperatures were above freezing we might cook up food as it defrosted and feed the whole neighborhood. I would hate to see all that food spoil.
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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