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My Second Winter Project Is Finished

It’s been a couple weeks since I finished my second big winter project. I have just been negligent in blogging about it. This project is a rag quilt that I made for our bed.

This quilt was more involved than the t-shirt quilt I made for my daughter because for her quilt she supplied the t-shirts and selected the flannel that it would be backed with. Also our bed is queen size so this quilt is larger than the one I made for her.

For our quilt I started with selecting the materials. It took several trips to the fabric shop before I had all that I would need. Our bedroom is done in blues and browns so I decided to stick with (mostly)those colors.

Fabric for quilt topside
Fabric for quilt underside

One of the reasons it took so many trips to the fabric store is because I didn’t really have a plan. So I took so measurements then drew it out on graph paper.

I decided to do an on-point design (the squares line up on a diagonal) and to use 12 inch squares. Once I knew how many squares I would need, 72 squares for each layer, I finished buying fabric. The quilt would be three layers but for the middle layer I planned on using an old flannel sheet set that I had so I only needed to buy enough fabric for the top layer and underside.

It wasn’t until I had purchased all of my fabric that I added the colors to this chart determining the actual pattern. This project actually involved a lot of math. You’ll notice some of the squares have different colors in them, these were changes that I made in the design and the inner most color was the correct one.

This chart was my road map throughout the cutting and sewing process. I would have been lost without it.

When cutting the fabric I layered the three fabrics together then made my cuts.

After I had all 72 squares (x three layers) cut it was time to start sewing. I sewed the layers together by stitching and X across each square.

Then I began piecing and sewing the rows together according to my chart.

In the above photo I was almost at the halfway point.

When the sewing was finished (above) it was time to start clipping the edges as in the photo below.

Clipping the edges was probably the longest part of the project with most of the edges having six layers of fabric to clip through (the outside edges had three layers) but the task was made a bit easier by using these small snip-type scissors that I purchased on one of my trips to the fabric store.

Once all of the clipping was finished it was time to wash and dry. This causes the edges to ruffle. While the quilt was drying I stopped the dryer every 15 minutes to empty the lint filter. The first few times it definitely needed to be emptied. There was less lint the last couple of times I emptied it but still enough to clean it out.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out and my husband was wowed. He has commented several times on how much he likes it and how warm it is. 🙂

I like the design on the underside as well so reversing the quilt is always an option.

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Word of the Week – Week #9

Hello and welcome.

This week our word is anticipation. The Cambridge Dictionary defines Anticipation as the feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen in the near future.

I am confident that I am not alone in my eager anticipation of the arrival of spring. The blue skies and sunshine coupled with warmer temperatures have fostered these feelings, and the 10 day forecast is compelling evidence of an early spring. 🙂

To further fuel my excitement, yesterday I spotted daffodils emerging from their winter slumber. BRING ON SPRING!!!

Here’s a link for all you music lovers out there. Surely I’m not the only one who thought of this song when I said/heard the word.

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Word of the Week – Week #8

Hello and welcome.

This week our word is Menagerie. According to Merriam Webster menagerie means:

1a: a place where animals are kept and trained especially for exhibition

b: a collection of wild or foreign animals kept especially for exhibition

2: a varied mixture

They also note: “Back in the days of Middle French, mĂ©nagerie meant “the management of a household” or farm or “a place where animals are tended.” By the 1670s, English speakers had adopted the word but dropped its housekeeping aspects, applying it specifically to the places where circuses and other exhibitions kept show animals. Later, the word was generalized to refer to any varied mixture, especially one that includes things that are strange or foreign to one’s experience.”

Menagerie is a word I’ve used a few time in recent weeks to describe our household and it’s members. Before January of this year the term had never crossed my mind, but it was sometime during that month that Peanut came to stay.

You may remember Peanut, the cat, who had become a regular visitor at our farm over the past couple of years. Well in January my husband and Peanut decided that outdoors and out-buildings were not suitable winter accommodations for him. So with some rules in place (which he mostly follows) it was decided that he could reside in our home.

Meet Our Menagerie

A Winter Walk At The Farm

Sunday, February 14th, was the perfect winter day for getting out for a walk. The sun was shining, the wind was light, and the temperature was around 30 F (-1 c). It was also before Old Man Winter dumped 13 inches (with drifts as high as 5 feet) of winter wonderland on us. It’s funny how a snowfall that can be welcomed and appreciated for it’s beauty in December loses it’s appeal by February. This particular “winter wonderland” that came on Monday and Tuesday only has us wondering how soon spring will get here.

As we all wait for spring to arrive I invite you to join me for a walk at the farm.

There were a only few inches of snow on the ground when my husband, who was preparing for the big storm that was in the forecast, put the back blade on the tractor then decided to test it out by making a path around the back field. (The snow that came with the storm was not so easily moved.)

Can you spot Trooper in the above photo (that’s him about dead center)? Ranger is out there too but we can’t see him in the photo.

We discovered several area’s when the deer had been digging to find food (grass) under the snow.

There were more of these areas behind the barn. (I wonder how the deer are faring post snow storm.)

The windmill was mostly still that day.

All of the plant life is dormant this time of year,

but I find the buds on the maple tree encouraging, even if they are long way from opening.

We have two squirrel nests on the farm but I didn’t see any signs that the squirrels had been out lately. No squirrels, no tracks, and Ranger did not pick up their scent.

The chickens were out enjoying the sunshine while trying to keep their feet out of the snow.

My husband had given them some hay to scratch and peck through.

Although the temperature was still below freezing, snow was melting on the top of the barn and flowing from the down spout. Sunshine on black shingles will do that.

My husband took some time to hang out with the boys (dogs) in the van, but when Ranger spotted me he made a quick exit.

He greeted me as I walked up the driveway.

In recent days my husband had repaired the lawnmower that he got from his dad. He couldn’t wait to show me how well it was working. You may remember this post from last year where we determined that my husband might be a little crazy. Yep, he is still at it. LOL!

So I thought we could have a little fun with this photo by offering you a chance to caption it. Please leave your caption in the comments section below.

P.S. We are not easily offended so go ahead and have some fun with it.

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Word of the Week – Week 7

Hello My Friends and welcome.

Our word of the week is Always. Merriam Webster has 3 definitions listed for the word Always. They are: 1. at all times : invariably, 2. Forever, any rate : in any event.

I can’t help but wonder how the events of the past year have changed or will change the use of this word. So many things that, always (using the first definition) happened, suddenly came to a halt.

The person who always got to the office early to start their work day could no longer go to the office. The school bells that always rang at 8:00 a.m. to signal the start of classes were no longer heard. People who always went to church on Sunday could no longer congregate. Holiday gathering that always took place didn’t and the person who was always smiling wasn’t. We will be hesitant to think in terms of always?

Perhaps it will be more commonly used in terms of the third definition. The person who can’t go to the office can always work remotely; the children who can’t attend school can always attend virtual classes; if we can’t hold regular church services we can always have them online, and she can always wear a smiley mask. But are these thoughts or statements even accurate? Should we feel secure that some of the these new methods of doing thing will Always work.

I don’t know. These are just some of my thoughts as I read the definitions of this word.

The real reason I selected this word is because it is a word that my husband and I have used often. It is the second definition, forever, that we use and we use it to affirm our love and our commitment to our marriage. This week as we start into our 15th year of marriage I thought I would dedicate our word of the week and the rest of this post to my husband.

This small sticky note is attached to the calendar in our kitchen. It reads “Always Remember I Love You! :)” My husband left this note for me in December 2014. Each year as we hang a new calendar we attach this note to it.

A couple of songs dedicated to him.

This beautiful print that he bought me years ago hangs in our bedroom and although it doesn’t use the word Always the sediment is clear.

Happy anniversary sweetie. I Love You – ALWAYS❣