Strawberries At Last!

We picked our first strawberries of 2018 this week so I thought I would repost this from 2016 to show you some of the ways we will be preserving strawberries this year. We are now praying for a bountiful season like we had in 2016.

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It’s been my dream for more than a decade to grow a nice strawberry patch, ever since the first year I made homemade strawberry jam and my family loved it so much that store bought strawberry jam was no-longer welcome in our home. Since growing our own berries would lower the cost involved in making homemade jam, we decided to put in a strawberry patch. We started with a few plants in a raised bed, and over the next several years made several strawberry beds in our yard. We never yielded more than a few handfuls of small berries, so every June, when the strawberries were ripe, I would go to one of our local strawberry farms and buy at least 2 (10 quart) flats of fresh, Michigan grown strawberries and make most of them into jam.

When we bought the farm in 2011, having a nice strawberry patch was still one…

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16 thoughts on “Strawberries At Last!

  1. Ooo nothing quite like home grown strawberries! We have a couple in the garden and I picked them last week, but I’ve never done anything with them except eat them as they are, so I might have to try freezing them/making jam like you did! 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. Thanks for sharing that strawberry story Ruth – I enjoyed reading it. Our neighbors across the street, now long gone, used to go to Belleville and pick strawberries every Summer. They would “put up” jam for all winter and freeze the rest.

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