Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon is defined as the full moon closest to the fall equinox. This year it happened to coincide with the first full day of fall. The sky was clear and I couldn’t help but notice the moon coming up as we were getting ready to leave the farm this evening.


I took a second photo of the moon peeking through the trees in the chicken yard.


When I mentioned to my husband that it was the Harvest Moon we were both reminded of Neil Young, so we went home and enjoyed a Neil Young concert Prairie Wind – Live at the Ryman Auditorium (in our living room) 🙂 . And we danced – ♪♪on this harvest moon♪♪. 🙂

Although it’s not at the Ryman, I’ll share this one with you.


11 thoughts on “Harvest Moon

  1. I was just reminiscing with another blogger how we grew up listening to Mitch Miller’s song called “Harvest Moon”. You probably know that the farmers used the harvest moon to work later at night harvesting their crops on the day before, of, and after the bright harvest moon. I am glad you and your husband took a break from working and danced instead Ruth. 🙂

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    1. When my husband saw your comment he remembered “Sing Along With Mitch”. 🙂 He didn’t remember his version of “Harvest Moon” though. It is amazing how people used nature to get things done before we had so much technology. Now the farming equipment has lights that will light up the whole field. We did have a lovely evening.

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      1. “Shine on, shine on harvest moon up in the sky” … I think I still know it by heart. I had heard the story about the harvest moon years before and then I had just heard it on “Star Date” the daily feature on WWJ. Farming sure is different now and not only that, so much of it is computerized for milking on the very large dairy farms and irrigation for those acres and acres of crops on large farms. Glad you had a nice evening – your shots of the moon were awesome.


      2. Sing it, Linda! HaHa!
        I find it sad how farming has become so industrialized. People were more connected with the land, their food and even nature when they grew their own food or relied on small farms to provide it. We are old school farmers and have even had people question how 7.6 acres can be a farm. We do have a tractor for tilling the soil but planting, harvesting and such is done manually. We are still working on cleaning some of the garlic bulbs that were harvested in July. We use a hand clippers to trim the leaves and roots and a scrub brush to remove the dirt. There is no app for that. LOL. Honestly I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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      3. I would but I can’t carry a tune Ruth. 🙂 For years I listened to “The Internet Advisor Show” every Saturday afternoon on WJR. I learned a lot of things about computers and troubleshooting, but now their programs are way over my head, as they are all about smartphones, e-readers, big-screen TVs, and Windows 10, none which I have. But, they always had a faithful listener, Ben Carson, who called in every year to talk about high-tech farming. I listened to what he did and was just astounded and this was several years ago. He said he used his laptop to start start various processes on the farm, keep track of fields planted, rotated, irrigated … everything was computerized. My great grandfather had a farm near Guelph, Ontario … he did everything himself and his wife helped (until a horse stomped down on the top of her foot while hooking it up to the buggy to go to church). Their kids helped pick berries and fruit, some veggies. My grandmother would say the farmers went from farm to farm helping their neighbors bring in the big crops, bale the hay, etc. It sounds so much nicer than the cold impersonal way of running a farm off a computer, and now, most likely off an app on your smartphone.

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