Before You Vote

With mid-term elections just around the corner I wanted to know ahead of time what all was going to be on my ballot. Through an internet search I discovered these two links that I thought I would share. The first is for the State of Michigan and the second I believe is a national site. With either site I can put in my address and it will show me all of the candidates for each position and all of the issues or proposals that will be on my ballot. (Who knew there are really 6 candidates running for Governor of Michigan?)

I will be doing some studying of these sites before going to the polls next week, and if you are going to cast your vote you might find these sites useful as well.

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15 thoughts on “Before You Vote

    1. I just wanted to get the info out because in the past when I have gone to vote I find things or people on the ballot that I was not aware of. I then either have to make a decision based on no information or not vote for that particular item.
      I was happy to find these sites and thought it was a good idea to share them.

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      1. It was – I heard on WWJ the other day about a site to go to to pre-read everything but I didn’t note it as I am not an American citizen – I can’t even vote in the local elections. I think the story on WWJ was because one of the cities had a lot of spoiled ballots as people had a difficult time filling then out, so they recommended spending a few minutes beforehand. Makes a lot of sense to me.

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