There Is Always More To Learn

I first learned to crochet more than 3 decades ago and have been seriously crocheting for about 8 years now. By “seriously” crocheting I mean I have been increasing my skills by trying different patterns, learning new stitches and stitch combinations, working with different yarns and threads, making things for gifts and even selling a few items.

Earlier this year I learned a new crochet term. The term is frogging. I first saw this term while reading another blog about crochet and I had to look it up to see what I had been missing. Come to find out frogging is something I had been doing all along. Yes, I am sure I frogged even my very first crochet project, and many of the projects that I have made have been frogged, including the one I am currently working on. Being able to frog a project is in fact why I would prefer crocheting to sewing. Come to find out frogging is the act of tearing out a portion of (or all of) the completed work. It is usually done because you are not satisfied with the results or because you have discovered a mistake you made and need to go back and correct it.

You may be wondering, as I did, why this is called frogging. I laughed when I read the explanation – because you rip-it, rip-it (sounds like a frog).

On a couple of my recent posts about crochet projects some readers have commented that I am “very talented”. While I appreciate these comments, I am humbled and I don’t want my posts to be misleading. I am not sure that “talent” is the right way to describe my crocheting. I often find myself frogging large portions of projects because I have made an error and have to go back and correct it, or even entire projects because the type of yarn wasn’t right or I just didn’t like the end product. The beauty in crochet is that you can easily “rip-it, rip-it” or undo the work and redo it without ruining the yarn. I think what you are seeing as “talent” is just plain stubbornness, or maybe determination,  coupled with the love of crafting.

There were also a couple of comments from readers who said something along the lines that they could “never do that”. I want to tell you – you really never know unless you try.  If you have tried and still can’t get it, I have great news for you. There is another (easier) option for yarn crafting that I intend to share with you. Like knitting and crochet you can create beautiful hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and so much more. I will be blogging about it soon so be sure to watch for that post.

Until next time be well my friends. 🙂



23 thoughts on “There Is Always More To Learn

  1. I always learn something from you Ruth and though I’m not handy in the needlearts, I have admired your tablecloth you showed us and your other handiwork. My mom was an avid knitter and I may have mentioned that to you before – she tried to teach me how to knit countless times and I dropped so many stitches she finally gave up on me … I did Pretty Punch needle art instead. I just gave your blog site to a woman I follow. Kim lives in Virginia. I’ve always thought you two were a little similar and she has mentioned getting into soap making so I know you have had some posts on soap, just since I started following you. I figure that Kim (of Kim from Red Dirt Farm) might as well learn from your blog, or you, a/k/a the pro:

    Kim’s last post:


      1. How funny Ruth – I discovered Kim when her blog popped up one time after I posted something – maybe because you follow her? I’ve passed her blog site along to a few people with similar interests. I worried when she didn’t post for several months and sent her an e-mail because she had had some medical issues and was despondent over having to euthanize her dog (she decided not to euthanize her fur baby … he is doing better now). I love her photos too – those chickens made me smile!!! 🙂

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  2. I haven’t done any, because I’m not that way inclined (I think I told you already), but I’ve been looking at Christmas decorations on Pinterest the last couple of days and there are some really cute crochet decorations that you can make.

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