Possible “Daisy” Sighting

Several years ago in the spring I got a phone call from my niece. She said her children had found a turtle in their yard and were concerned about  finding it a good home. She told them they couldn’t keep it and wanted to know if they could bring it over and put it in our pond. Since it was a harmless painted turtle we said “yes”.

When they arrived we discovered that it was a baby turtle – no bigger than a fifty cent piece and very cute. We walked to the beach and before releasing the turtle into the pond the kids were asked what they wanted to name it. They decided to call it Daisy.

Every since then when the kids visit the farm they always ask if we have seen Daisy, and of course they keep an eye out for her when they are in or near the pond.. We usually see turtles of varying sizes throughout the summer months but really have no way of telling which one might be Daisy.

Yesterday as my husband and I were walking in the field he spotted a turtle, in fact I think he almost stepped on it because the grass was so tall. We decided to reduce it’s risk of getting stepped on or run over by a lawn mower or tractor and put it in the pond.


I really don’t know how fast painted turtles grow but I would guess that this one may be several years old. Perhaps it is Daisy.



26 thoughts on “Possible “Daisy” Sighting

  1. Aww it’s good Daisy (or the imposter) has you to look out for them. So sweet! Is that your pond, as in, on your property? It looks incredible where you live! I’ll happy swap you for a road full of houses, cars & exhaust fumes 😉

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    1. That is our pond. We bought the property in 2011 and had the pond dug in 2012. It was quite costly but we decided our farm would also serve as our summer vacation spot so it was well worth the expense. We use the pond for irrigation and recreation.
      We don’t have a house on the property. Our house is in a manufactured home community (trailer park) 1.5 miles from the farm.
      I love peace and quite and the lush green of the summer. I’m always happy to share it but wouldn’t trade it for the world. ♥

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  2. I’d prefer to think it was Daisy too as I am an optimist – she wanted to say hello again. I saw a bunny for the first time this year on Saturday … it was just a baby and of course thought of you and me telling you I’d not seen any. It has a couple of white spots on its face so will be easy to identify.

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      1. He was really sweet Ruth – very tiny, and I was able to bend down close to him. Probably afraid when all the people came by during the 5K and so he finally ventured out to nibble on some grass.

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  3. We have a soft spot for turtles too. For as long as I have known him Randy will stop the car to help one cross the road safely. One time when I was mowing I found a box turtle. I picked it up to move it to safety and it made some terrible growling sounds. I never knew turtles made any noise at all.

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    1. Dom’s the same way. Always stops to help a turtle cross the road and get to a safer place. Yikes! I probably would have dropped the turtle if it growled at me.


  4. Wonderful! Many years ago, we had snapping turtles in our very large pond. We found a stash of eggs, with all the poor things trying to break out, so we helped them and put them down by the pond. We were never able to swim in their, but the turtles were happy:-)

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