One More Christmas Memory

I thought this was so cute and I still laugh each time I think about it, so I wanted to document it and share it with you as well. I hope makes you smile.

We were happy that my father-in-law decided to spend Christmas night at our house instead of making the two and a half hour drive home that night. Since we don’t have a room set up as a guest bedroom dad would sleep in our bed and my husband blew up a queen size air mattress for he and I to sleep on. He had the air mattress on the livingroom floor while we were relaxing and watching a little TV.

I noticed Trooper get up and walk toward the air mattress. I thought he was trying to walk around it, so I asked my husband to move it to the side a bit. Rather than walk around it Trooper stepped up on the air matress and laid down right in the middle of it.


IMG_6064 (2)

Trooper had staked his claim. LOL! 🙂

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