Word Of The Week – Week One

When I woke up yesterday I planned to put the finishing touches on my word of the week post that I had prepared the day before. It is a lovely word and I thought it would be the perfect way to start of the new year. I would then have my husband, who is my chief editor and partner in crime (LOL!), proofread it and then I would post it.

Suddenly a different word came to my mind and just wouldn’t leave. It nagged at me until I decided I had no choice but to write a new post. It is a word that is very fitting, not only because it’s my birthday but because we are just coming out of the holiday season. So without further ado our word of the week is:


I found many online sources for definitions of celebrate but I chose this definition from https://www.macmillandictionary.com because it seemed to offer a broader definition than some of the others. It defines celebrate as:

to do something enjoyable in order to show that an occasion or event is special.


to show admiration for someone or something in a piece of writing, music, or art or in a ceremony.

Even in the best of times January, in northern parts of the world, is when the winter blues set in. Perhaps a good way to combat the winter blues is to keep that holiday, celebratory, spirit alive. In others words celebrate life. I suspect that most of us have good things happen daily that we could be celebrating. We don’t have to have a big party or formal ceremony to celebrate. Maybe just a small treat for ourselves or expressing our happiness to someone who cares.

Now if you simply can’t find anything or anyone to celebrate remember this – everyday is your birthday (if you count your age in days). You can hop on over to this site to find out how (many days) old you are. (Today I’m celebrating my 20,454th birthday🀣)It’s a great reason to eat cake! (just leave off the candles LOL!)

Why wait to celebrate?

Happy Birthday! 🎈

We would love to celebrate with you this week. Please tell us what you are celebrating.

14 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Week One

  1. The last few days we have had visitors who had not been to the mountains before. Fun adventures with them were definitely a reason to celebrate. Today we have snow and winter advisories. The perfect excuse to hide out in my sewing room. I agree, every day brings with it a reason to celebrate how blessed we are .

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    1. That does sound like fun and celebrating adverse weather by hunkering down and doing something you enjoy is a great way to celebrate as well. πŸ™‚
      P.S. Happy Birthday! LOL!🎈


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