Word of the Week – Week Two

Our word of the week is Tranquility.

Tranquility – is a noun.

It is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as: a peaceful, calm state, without noise, violence, worry,  etc.

When I think of tranquility my first inclination is to close my eyes, clear my mind and block out any noise. I take a deep breath in then relax my body while exhaling slowly. I might visualize a deep blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds drifting by.

It is a place of peace, comfort and contentment, where everything seems right with the world.

At times I find it when I am enveloped in nature.

Tranquility is often fleeting – lasting only a few short moments. While it is impossible to live in a constant state of tranquility, I think that embracing those tranquil moments is perhaps the antidote to the barrage of, stress and anxiety causing, news and noise that have become so prevalent in our lives.

I pray that you find much tranquility to embrace this year.

13 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Week Two

  1. Tranquility is what we need more of Ruth … 2020 and now 2021 were/are not tranquil in the least and yes, you are 100% correct, that to find peace and tranquility, it ca be found in nature. I just love the fawn drinking at your pond. That picture fills me with tranquility.

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  2. Sunshine and nature are most often where I find tranquility. But hugs are tranquil and comforting. When I am wrapped in the arms of a loved one the loving energy that flows from them to me soothes my soul and brings a tranquility that I can close my eyes and access again when we are apart.

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