Word Of the Week – Week # 10

Hello and welcome.

This week I thought we would have a little fun with the word of the week so our word this week is Conundrum.

collinsdictionary.com defines Conundrum as:

1.  a riddle whose answer contains a pun

2.  any puzzling question or problem

I like the word conundrum because not only is the word fun to say (or maybe I’m just a little weird eccentric) the definition, a riddle, pun or puzzle, can be fun as well.

Here are a couple examples:

1. A poor old farmer had three roosters. One was a beautiful, robust, golden color, Buff Orpington; the second a prize winning Rhode Island Red; and the third an scrawny old leghorn.

Which one laid the golden egg?

2. If a plane crashed on the boarder of Canada and the USA where would they bury the survivors?

(answers at the end of this post)

Currently we are dealing with a bit of a conundrum in that the dog eats the cat food and the cat eats the dog food. It is a puzzling problem but we haven’t considered this too big of a problem since they do not fight over the food, none of them gotten sick, and they all seem to get enough to eat. I told my husband I will worry about it if the cat starts barking or the dog starts meowing. LOL!

Do you have a conundrum you would like to share? (go ahead make me laugh) Did you get the answer to my two examples?

Answers: 1. None of them – because roosters don’t lay eggs. 2. They wouldn’t bury survivors (those are the people who live). 🤣

19 thoughts on “Word Of the Week – Week # 10

  1. I got those conundrums right but had to think about the second one and read it twice first … I was thinking of the implications during COVID-19. Sometimes I overthink things Ruth. I can’t think of a conundrum right now, but I like the word and how it sounds. My boss is big on using the word “kerfuffle” which is a cool kind of word the way it sounds. It may just be that one day the cat and dog are going to want their own food back and you’ll have a kerfuffle on your hand if you don’t figure out this conundrum first.

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      1. Now wet or dry food I might understand but Peanut is enjoying Trooper’s milkbones? Um … that’s nervy! I think “kerfuffle” is the way it sounds … it sounds fun.


      2. He hasn’t eaten them but he eyes them and will try to get close enough to sniff. Trooper doesn’t allow him to though. Funny thing is Trooper will sit back and let Ranger eat them. It is fun.

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    1. It might include a pun or it can just be a puzzling problem. How’s this – what instrument would a band instructor assign to the student who can’t keep a beat? A conunDRUM. 🙂


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