Blame It On the Dog

I have discovered that, for a couple of reasons, blogging from my recliner is not the best option for me. First of all, when I sit down and lean back with my feet out in front of me it tends to trigger a hidden switch somewhere in my body that causes my eyelids to get heavy. This is not something new; it used to happen years ago, when the kids were still at home, and we would have family movie night. Everyone would enjoy watching a movie together except mom who dozed, and possibly snored, through most of it.

The second problem is that when Ranger sees me sitting in my recliner it is an open invitation for cuddle time. He seems to think that my lap is better suited to a lapdog than a laptop so as soon as I sit down, he comes and puts his paws on my knees and pleads to come up.

Cuddle PUP

Who could resist that face?

35 thoughts on “Blame It On the Dog

  1. I could not resist that face either Ruth. I’ve been known to fall asleep any time of the day while sitting at the keyboard, a fact you know because I was commenting and trailed off with a line of gibberish and pushed Send. You were kind and asked if I was okay. Don’t comment and nod off!


  2. I know I sure couldn’t resist it! ❀ Ziggy has developed a similar habit. He comes in the computer room and begs to be picked up. He then nestles down in my lap. He weighs about twelve or thirteen pounds (he's a little overweight) but you'd think he weighed 50 sometimes. Doggies (pets in general) are just adorable!! Thanks for sharing Ranger's darling photo! πŸ™‚

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    1. Ranger used to try to sit on my lap when I was sitting in my computer chair, but that chair is just not big enough for the two of us. He’s twice the size of Ziggy. The recliner is perfect for the two of us. When I get my new desk chair maybe I’ll get more blogging done. I’ll still make time for the Cuddle Pup though.


    1. I always blogged at my desk until I started having pain from the pinched nerve. My desk chair is old and worn out so doesn’t provide proper support. I need to go shopping for a new one. Just haven’t done it yet. Maybe this week

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      1. I know. It’s just not something I want to buy online because I actually want to sit in it and try it out and the cold weather has kept me from venturing out on most days. Thanks for caring.

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