Meeting the New Neeeighbors

A couple of weeks ago we noticed that the guy who owns the property that adjoins our farm was putting in fence posts. I remembered when he first bought the land he mentioned having horses, so we thought he might be putting up a horse paddock. When my husband got a chance to talk to him, he learned we were correct. The horses, Colby Jack (the large one) and Bernard (the miniature horse) moved in last Sunday.

Ranger was very curious and spent a lot of time either trying to welcome them to the neighborhood or get them to leave. ( I still am not fluent in Beagle.) All I hear is BaRooo BaRooo.

The horses don’t pay much attention to him, but at least they haven’t tried to squash him to shut him up.

After talking with their owner, and getting permission, my husband bought some horse treats and began visiting them each day and giving them carrot and apple treats.

Friday, when our grandkids visited, was the perfect time for me to go over and meet Colby Jack and Bernard and take some pictures.

As we approached both horses came to the fence. They were very friendly.

They seemed to enjoy the attention

and the treats.

Jackson and Addy enjoyed meeting them as well.

These two are a nice addition to our neeeighborhood.

29 thoughts on “Meeting the New Neeeighbors

    1. One morning my husband arrived at the farm to find the small horse eating grass at our place. He has no idea how it got out because the electric fence was still on and intact. He was able to lure the horse back to his paddock with a pocket full of treats. No harm done. πŸ™‚

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  1. Your title is clever Ruth. How nice to have these horses there to spoil silly and the grandchildren will make a beeline over there to visit every time! The small one looks to be the size of a dog.

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  2. Ahhhh….you bring back memories Ruth! I used to have a paint, and a mini horse. Lord yes, they will eat out of your hand for as long as you like. They love fruits and veggies and will head to the fence every time they see you coming. πŸ’–

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