I’d Rather Be Barefoot

One of my favorite things about summer is being able to go sans footwear. When the weather is warm enough, I don’t even bother putting on socks until I’m getting ready to go out. When I do go out if I’m in an area where there is soft grass or sand (the beach) to walk on I’ll likely kick off my shoes and do some grounding or earthing.

It was a blessing this year that our warm weather lingered well into fall, but now that it has turned more toward winter going barefoot is no longer an option. When my feet are cold, my whole body is cold.

A couple weeks ago I took my crocheted slippers, that I’ve been wearing for the past two years, out of the closet and began wearing them. The holes that had begun forming in the bottom of each were growing a bit bigger every day and I knew it was time for some new slippers.

Last week I came across this free pattern for slipper socks and went to my sewing room in search of fabric. I found about a yard of a plush fleece, that was left over from the sweater dress I made last year, that was enough to make both the lining and the outside of the slippers.

It took but a few hours to make these slippers socks. (Below are the results.) I am thankful to have them to keep my feet toasty warm until the warm weather returns.

I think I will go through some more of my fabric stash, as I’m certain I have enough pieces to make another pair or two.

Do you like to go barefoot?

20 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Barefoot

  1. I love barefoot too, but I am more cautious now. There are some pretty nasty things here that I would hate to step on ! ( did the girls all request slippers )

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  2. Your slipper socks look great. When I was a kid I never wore shoes at home only when I went somewhere. I haven’t done that in years. I guess I am a tenderfoot now because I even wear slip on shoes when I’m inside the house.


    1. Thanks! I think part of the reason I enjoy going barefoot is it makes me feel young and carefree. Another part is that I believe there are health benefits to grounding (having that direct contact with the earth). I know I always feel good when I do it.

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  3. You are so clever Ruth and those slipper socks are sure to keep your feet toasty. I am in fur lined Muk Luks now … I sit all day for work, then all evening, so I get cold from not moving around. I have never gone barefoot in my life … always slippers in the house and never walking barefoot in the grass. Too scared what might be lurking in the grass and might bite me.

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      1. That was a thoughtful gift – for me, walking or shoveling snow, my feet and fingers are always the first to get cold. You are good to go now – though on a day as beautiful as this one, who wants Winter?

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    1. I understand why you wouldn’t want to go barefoot. I don’t recall ever stepping on anything like that when I was barefoot and the one time i stepped on a board with a nail in it, I had shoes on, and it went right through.


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