Forsythia, Toads and a Jailbreak


When we pulled in the driveway at the farm this afternoon the first thing I noticed was the forsythia in full bloom.

The brilliant yellow flowers are noticeable from a great distance.

I always find them stunning – too beautiful not to share.


The next thing I noticed was some of the chicks wandering around outside their pen. My husband had warned me that some of them had gotten out, so rather than spend a lot of time trying to catch them and put them back in he decided to open up the pen and let them all roam.

They have all stayed close to the coop throughout the day.

And seem to be having a great time exploring.

The chicks have not yet learned to get into the coop at night, but my husband used a trick we learned several years ago to round them up tonight. He placed a small (battery powered) light just inside the coop. As it got dark outside the chicks all migrated toward the light and went into the coop. He can use this method until the chicks figure out how to find their way in on their own.


As I stepped out of the van, I immediately heard the loud, high pitched, trill of the frogs, or was it toads? I remembered this sound from several years back when we witnessed hundreds of toads mating in our pond.

I eventually made my way to the pond and as I walked around the edge I was surprised to see only one toad sitting in the water near the edge.

The mating call continued on and off and as I returned to the pond edge a while later I noticed more toads had arrived.

I am not sure how long this mating ritual will continue or how many more toads might show up,

but I am certain that in a few days we will see nests of toad eggs along the edges of the pond.

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16 thoughts on “Forsythia, Toads and a Jailbreak

  1. I love seeing Forsythia bushes, a sure sign of Spring and lights up the still-drab landscape. I can’t believe how big the chicks got and how big their feet are! As a kid, when we lived in Canada, there was a wooded area at the end of the street, still undeveloped land which later became a mall. We used to go down and dip empty glass jars in the Creek and get baby tadpoles and bring them home. My mom says “once thy grow legs, they go back to the creek where you got them.” 🙂

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  2. Ruth, What does a nest of toad eggs look like? I have no idea if I have ever seen one, but it sounds interesting.
    By the way your forsythia are lovely. thanks for sharing.

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    1. It looks like a blob of clear gel with small black dots in it. I think it is really more like clear strings or tubes if you were to pick it up. If I see some I’ll see if I can get a decent photo.


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