Monthly Inspiration

Welcome to May! Here in Michigan, we are waiting for the temperatures to catch up to the calendar. It looks like that may happen next week, but I won’t hold my breath waiting.

From my 2023 wall calendar.

In the picture above I was able to identify the goldfinch, the Baltimore oriole, the cardinal, and the blue bird. I am not certain about the identity of the small brown bird – perhaps a house wren? What do you think?

I also recognize most of the flowers in the picture. I am not certain about the flowering tree on the left, but it looks much like our cherry tree which is blossoming right now. In the foreground there are daisies, purple coneflower, and goldenrod in the far right that the monarch butterfly is perched on.

Certainly an abundance of nature is depicted.

Thanks for visiting. I wish you a happy May!

19 thoughts on “Monthly Inspiration

  1. Happy May to you dear!
    So about birds…I’m so amazed that you could recognize what’s the name of them. I don’t know any of it or I didn’t even know that gorgeous red bird actually exists in our real life. I was like “ah, angry bird for what-it’s-like-if-they-really-exists image” 😂

    Thank you for sharing, I hope to see them with my own eyes some day❤️


    1. I hope you get to see them all too. We see all of these breeds in our area during spring, summer and fall months. Though we would never see them all together like in this picture. I often see a pair of cardinals (the red bird) in the bushes or tree right outside my window but I have never noticed them looking that angry.
      Thanks for visiting.

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  2. Wrens are sassy little birds. Lively and fun to watch. I am loving my new bird feeders, I am learning birds I had not seen before. I had an Eastern Towhee visit the other day. Pretty little thing. Yesterday when I was out walking I saw my first Indigo Bunting. I had seen pictures but never one in person. They are a spectacular sight.

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  3. I was going to say a Wren, based on blogger/birder’s pics, but I’ve never seen a Wren “in person”. It’s cute though. That’s quite a line-up of birds and flowers and a pretty Monarch as well. It says May on the calendar, so we MAY see warmth and then again, we MAY see snow (hope not!)


    1. I’m not sure I have seen wrens in person either. If I have, I have not identified them as such. I found it an interesting picture too. A combination we would not see in nature as all of those flowers blossom at different times of the year. It does, however, represent abundance as in the quote. It’s time for that warmth!

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