An Unusual Occurrence

In 2012, when we planted the berm bordering our pond with forsythia and lilac bushes, I thought how lovely they would look when the bushes matured, and an array of yellow and purple blossoms filled the expanse.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that forsythias bloom in early spring while lilacs take their time, waiting for warmer weather that usually comes later in May. We have never before seen the forsythia and lilacs blossom at the same time. They normally bloom in succession rather than unity.

This year the forsythia blossoms have held on longer than most years. It’s been over three weeks since their blossoms opened and while they are beginning to shed their petals one of the lilacs has began to open her flowers.

I am mostly inclined to attribute this phenomenon to the cool weather we have had this spring inspiring the forsythias to hold their blossoms so long.

Regardless of the reason it is delightful to see.

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25 thoughts on “An Unusual Occurrence

      1. The weather is so erratic anymore, it just may happen again. Are you having to irrigate already since we’ve had so little rain. I heard we won’t get rain until Friday, maybe Saturday. They said that for this weekend … rain both days, but we only had a little yesterday, while I was walking, but I had taken an umbrella.


      2. I’m watering my potted plants and our strawberries that are in raised beds. We have not planted any of our annual vegetables yet. We plan on starting with some potatoes and beans this week. We still have some cold nights coming so will wait to put in tomatoes and such.

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      3. It was very cold this morning wasn’t it? I almost turned the heat back on. I sit here for work and am not moving around much, so I put on more layers and my slippers with fur inside … on mid-May, amazing! That’s a good idea Ruth – I never used to put anything in the ground until after Memorial Day nor trim anything ’til then, but you need to start those veggies. My first year when I inherited the yardwork and gardening responsibilities, I trimmed all the bushes to keep them in proportion to the house as soon as they had new growth, then they had a second spurt … now I wait to save doing the job twice.

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  1. Oh, how wonderful for you! Such a beautiful photo.
    We never quite make it to the Lake House in time to see the Forsythia blooming, but we do see the last blossoms of the lilacs.
    Spring is a lovely occurrence! Enjoy the renewal that Spring brings!

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