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Grandparents Day

While surfing the web this morning I saw something with the words Grandparents Day, and being a new grandparent it got my attention. I suppose I have heard of Grandparents Day, but it was never something we celebrated in our family. I decided to do an internet search to see what I was missing. This link is just one of several that I came across, and after reading it I wasn’t too ashamed that I was clueless about this national holiday as the author who writes for “” apparently just learned of it as well.

I won’t be spending the day with my grandson today but was blessed to do that last weekend. It was quite by chance that I posted my grandson’s pictures yesterday, just in time for Grandparents Day but there was one thing I omitted in yesterday’s post. It may have be apparent when viewing the last picture that Jackson has a sibling on the way. His little sister is due to arrive in early December. Since this is a high risk pregnancy my daughter, Tina, is under the care of specialists and is receiving special treatments in order to help her carry the baby to full term. We pray that she is able to do so.

I did spend much time today in remembrance of my grandmothers. I don’t have any memories of my grandfathers since my mom’s father died before I was born and we lost my dad’s dad when I was about two. Though my only memories of my paternal grandmother come from when I was young, they are very special. Grandma was a story teller.  She had been crippled by rheumatoid arthritis for many years and required total care from family members. Her bed was in the living room. It was low to the ground and there was a throw rug on the floor beside her bed. She would have my sisters and I sit on the “magic carpet” next to her bed and she would tell us stories for what seemed like hours. I think I was 7 years old when grandma died, but 45 years later I can still remember a few of the sweet stories she told us.

My memories of my maternal grandmother span several decades. As a young child spending the night a grandma’s house meant waking up to the smell of rolls baking or fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t know if she ever went to bed because she was always up long before anyone else. There was a cellar full of jars of food that she had canned and the jelly always had a layer of wax on top. She had an attic full of treasures. I remember jars full of buttons that we could use string into necklaces. I remember what seemed like mountains of fabric scraps many of which were cut into squares for quilts. I remember the doll that stood nearly as tall as I was and a stuffed monkey. The Barbie dolls also lived in her attic until we were allowed to bring them out to play with them.

Grandma worked as a dispatcher at the local police station, she volunteered to work the polls at the local elections and she was active in her church, helping with dinners and the annual bazaar.  She was a very busy lady.

As we all grew older, I remember she liked to get together for family lunches, maybe at a local restaurant or at someone’s house. These gatherings often included grandma and her sister-in-law (Aunt Louise), my mom, my aunt, my sisters, myself and our children – 4 generations.  I remember grandma’s favorite sandwich was a bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Grandma was a very crafty person and I have stored away some of the beautiful crocheted items she made.

I think it was her 80th birthday that the family chipped in and got her a hot air balloon ride as a gift. It was a dream come true for her.

It her last years she came to a point where she was no longer able to live on her own and for a while she lived with my daughters and I. We had come full circle. I was now caring for her as she did for me when I was young.  I was honored to be able to help her.

She’s been gone for about 15 years now and today as I remember my grandparents I wonder what I things I missed out on. What are the things that I could have learned from my grandparents. Things like family history, how they provided for themselves or how they lived before modern conveniences. Things that really didn’t seem relevant at the time but seem important to know now.

I am really not sure that there is a need to have a day designated as National Grandparents Day, but I am certain that everyone should make time to spend with and learn from their Grandparents.







Baby Pictures

Today I am sharing some of the pictures from our Grandson Jackson’s photo shoot last Sunday. My sister was the photographer and the letters that spell out the word “ONE” mark Jackson being one year old. Jackson’s actual 1st birthday was June 15, but since he was born premature he has now reached the adjusted age of one year. It is expected that by the time he reaches his second birthday in June of next year that his development will have caught up to his age.


Jackson is no stranger to the camera.


He has a curiosity about everything he sees.


He is a happy baby.


With a smile that can light up the world.


The joy that this little miracle brings is immeasurable and we thank God for his health and happiness.

Our Harvest Picnic

Sunday we invited friends and family to the farm for a picnic. While many of those invited could not make it for various reasons everyone who came seemed to have a great time.


My husband added some seasonal decorations to welcome our guests.


The bees wasted no time finding the sunflowers he picked.


The chickens roaming around, pecking and scratching, added to the ambience.


As summer nears it’s end Black Eyed Susans, Hibiscus and Phlox continue to adorn the farm.

When we host guests this time of year we like to make it a harvest party that includes foods from our garden. Included in yesterdays meal was potato salad – with homegrown potatoes, celery and chives along with our farm fresh eggs; apple crisp – with apples from our trees; pickled garlic scapes ; and my garlic and dill chip dip . We also had fresh lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes to top the burgers which were made with locally raised grass fed beef.

While I took many pictures of the scenery before our guests arrived I somehow forgot to take pictures our guests and the activities they enjoyed.IMG_3200Trooper played in the pond early in the day, but later on some of our young guests enjoyed catching perch in the pond and building sand castles on the beach.

I also neglected to get photos of my brother-in-law flying his remote control airplanes. He brought two planes and was able to use the path which we keep mowed around our back field as a runway. He also brought equipment that enabled him to allow others to participate. It’s called buddy boxing. To really explain buddy boxing you probably need someone who understands technology better than I do, but since I’m the one writing I’ll tell you my simplified understanding of how it works. Two transmitters or controllers are linked together and set to operate the plane. The student’s controller is allowed to operate the plane unless the teacher feels the plane is in trouble at which point the teacher has the ability to override the student’s system and take control of the plane.

I think this is a great way to be able to teach kids, or even adults, who want to learn to fly remote controlled planes without having to worry about damaging the plane or endangering objects, people or pets on the ground. Pete was certainly a great teacher and the kids had a great time flying the planes.

Other activities included greeting everyone with hugs, catching up with friends and family, most of whom we haven’t seen in a year or more, my husband gave garden tours and showed off the huge, mammoth sunflower which came up as a volunteer this year. “If it’s not the biggest sunflower you’ve ever seen I’ll give your money back,” he told people. Maybe he should have charged because everyone agreed that it was the biggest they had ever seen.


While it wasn’t a homegrown water melon, it was among the produce that our grandson (and future farmer) Jackson, enjoyed. He also got excited about watching the chickens eat corn on the cob.

Some guests left with garlic and some with honey and several left with regrets about having to leave so early and hopes of returning soon. It was a great day filled with friends, family, food and love and we are grateful for all those who visited.

Unfortunately we were so busy and having such a great time that we forgot to hold one of our planned events. The rock picking contest. Participants were to be given a milk crate, shown to one of two areas that have been plowed this summer and told fill their crate with as many rocks as possible.  Cash prizes were to be awarded. Oh well guess we will be picking up rocks this week. 😉

Okay, I’m just kidding about the rock picking contest, but we will be picking up rocks this week. Have a great day.